12 Angry Men Drama Movie

“12 Angry Men” Drama Movie


This will be an American episode movie where a class of 12 males is involved within discussing the view for any murder situation involving an informelle siedlung boy. The 12 jurors argue regarding the evidence offered in this situation where an 18-year-old young man is claimed to get killed his dad (Chandle, 2006). Following the final submissions are created, the twelve males then move in order to a little courtroom in order to determine if the younger man is guilty of a death phrase. The deliberations carry on for several hrs with no real choice being made because United states law requires that will criminal trials ought to be decided simply by the majority choice of jurors (Ellsworth, 2003).

The movie begins inside a courthouse exactly where the final distribution about the kid′s murder case are created and the determine instructs a twelve-man bench to figure out whether the child is guilty associated with a death phrase. The whole jurors possess a predetermined judgment- that the child is guilty- with the exception of Henry Fonda. Their decision annoys jurors Jack Warden plus Ed Begley that regard all slum dwellers as evil people (Chandle, 2006). Fonda proposes an additional vote after examining the evidence associated with two witnesses.

The key ballot vote displaced the verdict in order to start shifting to some not guilty have your vote. Lee J. Cobb remains to be the just one convinced that this boy is guilty- a decision that will Fonda disputes along with facts. Various items of evidence are usually analyzed until almost all the jurors change to a not really guilty verdict in the end. The particular movie ends whenever the 12 males come out associated with the courtroom plus as a display of togetherness Davis and McCardle trade names (Chandle, 2006).

Don concept

It is a social mental theory where individuals carefully investigate offered evidence to figure out whether it could be connected to something. This focuses on the particular ability of individuals in order to investigate something plus draw correct findings from the findings. This theory will be supported by evidence through the journal associated with personality and sociable psychology. With this diary, a pre-determined view when put through truthful evidence makes a good individual change their mind (Chandle, 2006).

Nevertheless , stereotype thinking can make individuals fear truthful evidence and crucial thinking. The diary explains the significance of critical considering to determine the particular conclusions and view inside a discussion. Throughout a group conversation, everybody involved ought to consider the viewpoint of his friend because this will certainly make it simple to build the consensus. Other content articles within the journal show that compliance causes individuals to make quick decisions so that will they are not really punished (Ellsworth, 2003).

Evaluation from the theory

In this particular movie, the 12 jurors are involved in the critical examination associated with evidence to create a proper choice. Various social mental theories have already been utilized in this film like perception plus decision making, group conduct, and personality.

Perception plus decision making

Henry Fonda disagreed using other jurors to determine the fate associated with the slum child. He complains that will the evidence tagged to the child is simply not true plus should not have to get utilized to determine the particular fate of this particular case (Chandle, 2006). This decision will not carry on nicely with some jurors who think that will anybody who arrives from the informelle siedlung is guilty of the death sentence. The particular juror is impacted by stereotype considering in decision producing.

This is an mistake in decision producing since the decision-maker seems to blame the particular involved person instead than the scenario where the event happened. For example , when the particular witness claims to possess heard the child vow to destroy his father, this is simply not enough evidence which he committed the criminal offense. Stereotype thinking triggered the jurors to become biased in their own decision. When these people failed to understand that his father who was very old plus could not make use of less than the minute to achieve the door can be another example of biasness of the decision.

Compliance also affects how people help to make decisions (Ellsworth, 2003). In the film, the vote begins with most jurors claiming that this child is guilty although others go along with this particular because of worry being punished. This really is demonstrated when all of the jurors finally concur that the child is simply not guilty (Chandle, 2006).

Group Behavior

It will be displayed with this film when the jurors keep on altering decisions during the particular discussions. Jurors begin the discussion having a majority judgment once the first vote will be conducted and just Fonda holds the different opinion along with the rest. Within the second vote, details on the proof made some jurors change their view. It is important to critically analyze the evidence before making a judgment to avoid conflicts during discussions (Ellsworth, 2003).

Queries should be requested whether somebody may kill if this individual vows to. Whenever people are remaining to think by yourself they make essential judgments. This enables them to gather factual evidence which usually helps them figure out the best decision (Chandle, 2006).

A switch in the election in favor associated with a not guilty decision shows critical thinking. Team thinking behavior will be illustrated in the film when finally the jurors choose to change to a not guilty judgement which contradicts the initial stereotype believing. The first election was guilty due to the fact of group thinking behavior. During team discussions, additionally it is feasible to shift to judgments that could not really be intended by an individual. Henry Fonda agreed to accept the judgement of the following vote showing that group behaviors can force a change in decision making.


Henry Fonda is the character in the film whose personality affected decision making. This individual argued with details throughout the conversation and convinced some other jurors. His capability to illustrate details made his quarrels accepted because he accommodated other ideas plus he was not really conservative (Ellsworth, 2003). This really is illustrated whenever he stated obviously that he was not out to anger the decision of the majority but to show the facts.

His emotional ability also produced his personality very good. When faced along with lots of stress this individual remained composed plus confident. This was the contrast to the character of juror 9 who could hardly control his emotions plus even vowed to kill Fonda (Chandle, 2006). Emotions can lead to poor and biased judgment like whenever juror 9 stated that the juror from your slum transformed his mind without having critically examining the evidence. A person ought to also be conscious when in conversations so that he will be able to evaluate the events in the discussion. Fonda has been conscious enough to discover that the old man could not really use seconds to reach the doorway. He went ahead and demonstrated this particular to convince the others.


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