Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s Management Challenges

Abu Dhabi Country wide Oil Company’s Administration Challenges


Abu Dhabi Nationwide Oil Company (ADNOC) has gained the particular reputation of 1 of the the majority of successful companies within the UAE. The particular firm continues to be working in the world of the essential oil and gas business, which is presently probably the most profitable sectors within the global financial realm. ADNOC offers been exploring the range of revolutionary approaches toward controlling the available sources, that has made this one of the particular leading organizations within the UAE economic climate realm.

However, the company has been going through difficulties associated along with the Human Source Management (HRM) procedures, as well because Project Management (PM). The problems can become attributed to deficiency of focus on the particular reasons for that personnel members, as very well as its remote control contractors, to decline from working past due hours. Consequently, the particular current project routine of ADNOC simply leaves much to become desired.

The identified issue could be resolved whenever combining the HRM approaches based upon cultural sensitivity plus enhanced communication. While a result, possibilities to have an open conversation using the target populace are set up.

Introduction: The Necessary Details

Creating the atmosphere in which effective management of revolutionary projects becomes the possibility is vital with regard to large companies in order to retain their impact in the framework from the global marketplace. The specified issue will be especially essential for the particular organizations that run in the world from the oil plus gas industry, exactly where competition rates have become increasingly high, plus where challenges associated with the acquisition of natural materials as well as the make use of of the obtainable information pose the consistent threat in order to the efficacy plus organizational success.

Therefore, learning the cases that need dealing with the particular issues associated with the administration of employees; ’ needs, and especially the particular needs of the particular remote staff users, is an important step toward enhancing the quality associated with PM as well as the connected processes. Since the particular ability to make use of the available info and the ability of motivating workers are the primary aspects of efficient HRM in the world of the worldwide economy, scrutinizing the particular problems faced simply by global companies inside the identified region and exploring the particular opportunities that may be pursued to improve the efficacy info transfer and conversation with employees is important to the additional progress.

Particularly, a research of the related scenarios will assist introduce new concepts and values in to the context involving global firms, including the importance of making an investment in personnel and even promoting the guidelines involving lifelong learning between them. It is definitely assumed how the discovered approach will assist lessen the relevance involving reluctance and weight toward change on the list of target population mainly because it will show of which organizations view their very own staff as men and women with unique demands and are happy to meet their demands in the manner while efficient and expeditious as is possible.

Studying the troubles that ADNOC, the UAE company doing work in the coal and oil industry, has suffering recently will let defining the paths for addressing typically the issues stated previously efficiently and, consequently , bettering the performance involving global organizations.

Apart by the problems linked with communication, the difficulties linked to moment management will in addition have to always be addressed. Because involving the necessity to be able to realign the jobs and responsibilities inside the organization during typically the management of some sort of project, is very likely to face the requirement to assign staff associates together with the tasks of which may be fresh to them. Thus, employees may face typically the workload and timetable that they may well find very competing. Therefore, the right instrument for maintaining typically the staff’s motivation degrees high and developing the environment when the time management matter could be dealt with successfully should always be deemed as being the principal areas of worry.

ADNOC: Company Background

ADNOC has become known as some sort of company with typically the oil and petrol industry for various decades. The determined has made a good name for on its own in the discovered realm, mostly thanks to the impressive approach toward boosting the productivity with the crucial processes linked to obtaining and control oil and various other unprocessed trash. Founded throughout 1971, ADNOC has got been exploring typically the opportunities for boosting the obtaining and even processing oil, as a result, delivering the product or service of the finest to its ending customers.

When it will come to detailing the first characteristics of ADNOC that set that aside from typically the rest of typically the organizations operating throughout the coal and oil site, one must refer to the emphasis of which the firm parts on the basic safety and security from the staff members. Specifically, ADNOC leaders stipulate how the safety and even well-being of their very own staff are definitely the principal issues with that they can are concerned when developing the right workplace surroundings.

Typically the current performance involving the company can be explained as stellar. Indeed, in line with the recent statistical files, ADNOC has recently been showing increasingly high-performing levels, maintaining typically the quality standards with the same substantial level mainly because it often does. In line with the public statistics, the corporation at the moment produces over several, 150, 000 barrels per day; as a result, remaining an necessary component with the UAE energy infrastructure ( ADNOC class sustainability report , 2015). However the simple fact that it is definitely currently viewed while one of typically the primary organizations in which the economic system with the UAE knobs puts significant strain for the firm, ADNOC remains increasingly useful and surprisingly eco friendly inside the context involving the competitive petrol and gas sector with the UAE.

Case Information: The condition of Distant Management of Installers and Staff

Despite typically the attempts of ADNOC to retain where it stands as the almost all influential company inside of the oil and even gas industry, that has been suffering from significant issues throughout the context involving the competitive surroundings. While other organizations may not be viewed while the rivals involving the equal influence and opportunities, the interior issues that typically the firm has recently been facing may split the company asunder. The increasingly large numbers of problems associated using project management, specifically the organization involving staff’s work, have to be viewed seeing that one of many factors of which define ADNOC’s gradual descent.

Particularly, the situation regarding the managing of the concerns linked to the communication using personnel and specially remote employees, like contractors, should be shown at the top rated of the problems that ADNOC features to face frequently. Indeed, according to be able to a recently available report, typically the firm has recently been striving to cope with typically the conflicts from the managing of its staff’s performance for really a while.

The shortage of tools intended for communicating with employees and especially installers, needs to be viewed seeing that the key obstacle to the productive handling of typically the emerging conflicts and even misconceptions, plus the achievement of projects. A better look at typically the issue will disclose that the unawareness that occur in the communication lead to be able to delays and problems, in addition to an raise in the volume of produced squander (Kiyasudeen, Ibrahim, & Quaik, 2015).

Furthermore, typically the fact that typically the performance of typically the employees, especially ADNOC’s contractors, has become losing due to typically the difficulty with the plan, should be mentioned. The particular rapid increase inside the workload qualified prospects to a surge in workplace termes conseillés rates among the particular staff members. Moreover, the necessity in order to work late hrs appears, which staff, in general, in addition to contractors, in specific, see as a new less than fascinating change.

The unwillingness in the staff, coupled together with a drop inside their degrees of efficiency, is bound in order to trigger a considerable drop within the organization’s performance levels. On the other hand, when considering the particular negative outcomes in the specified phenomenon, a single must keep a new closer concentrate on the particular implications in the concern for the task management since the particular latter is proceeding to be influenced towards the greatest diploma. Indeed, with a new decrease in duty and motivation ranges among contractors in addition to employees, ADNOC probably will face major holds off when handling their essential projects.

Seeing that will the identified tasks are linked straight to the campaign of innovative methods and techniques within just the context regarding the company, the difficulties associated with their particular completion are limited to affect ADNOC very negatively. Especially, the quality ranges are going in order to reach their least expensive threshold unless correct management tools usually are introduced to the atmosphere of the company. Moreover, relationships together with customers will most probably become increasingly even worse.

These effect can end up being the result of not just a sharp decline in the ranges of product top quality, which is anticipated to occur in the particular company unless correct actions are obtained but also the difficulties related to the particular communication with consumers and potential consumers. Coupled with the shortcoming to maintain the particular quality of the final products at the particular required high stage, the issues about the communication process may inevitably have their particular toll on the particular image of the particular firm in the particular context of the particular UAE and worldwide markets, thus, activating an inevitable drop.

Survive but not the very least, the issue connected with innovations and task management must get raised. With a new reduction in the particular efficacy of connection between managers in addition to staff members, a new gradual drop found in the level of innovations of the corporation is expected in order to occur. The specific change may have a new detrimental effect about ADNOC and their very existence inside the context in the UAE market. Certainly, with the surge in the amount regarding reluctance plus the next drop-in the inspir associated with performance among the staff members, the possibilities for producing revolutionary ideas and applying them successfully will certainly also shrink considerably.

Viewing that innovativeness from the production-related decisions as well as the unique solutions that ADNOC uses to handle the processes connected with obtaining essential oil and processing it is the elements that define the firm’s competitiveness in the UAE and global markets, it really is essential to maintain the rates of innovativeness higher within the business. Therefore , a revolutionary change in the administration of HR concerns is strongly recommended.

Options and Recommendations: Exactly what Can Be Carried out to handle the Problems

Whenever considering the process of controlling the current issues at ADNOC, 1 must mention that deficiency of opportunities with regard to creating an effective environment for the staff members and especially with regard to the contractors that work remotely to excel in their own performance, is exactly what defines the presence of the problem in ADNOC. Indeed, because

Seeing that the issue is usually linked directly to the management of human being resources, it will certainly be reasonable to consider the existing HRM theories mainly because to the basis for the improvement from the current EVENING technique. Particularly, Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory because the foundation with regard to exploring the requires of the staff as well as the factors that motivate and demotivate them will have got to be applied (Saeed, 2016).

The reconsideration from the schedule that is currently utilized to manage the task of the personnel members must be viewed as the main step toward enhancing the issues within the organization. Furthermore, 1 must consider the progressively high turnover rates in the organization. While it will be important for ADNOC to maintain the quality of the employees’ overall performance consistent and, therefore, make sure that only the the majority of competent and extremely educated people work on its projects, additionally it is necessary to help to make sure that the firm has a good adequate number associated with employees to operate upon its projects.

Thus, concerns associated with defaulting on deadlines and especially mismanaging the obtainable information can become avoided successfully. In accordance to a current statement, the current proceeds rates at ADNOC leave much to become desired (“Abu Dhabi’s ADNOC cutting five, 000 jobs – report, ” 2017). Therefore, it will be crucial to reexamine the firm’s plan toward the advertising of learning among the employees. Initial and most apparent, the active advertising of lifelong studying since the foundation with regard to the successful purchase of the needed information and normal improvement of skills must be viewed because a necessity. After, ADNOC project supervisors will have to consider providing the team members along with opportunities for enhancing their skills.

Particularly, training sessions and courses during which the members associated with corporate projects will be able to acquire the required skills and understanding, and also apply them to solve actual problems, will end up the possibility. As the result, an enormous improvement in the overall level of competency one of the employees will be expected. The given change enables keeping the levels associated with product quality consistently high. Furthermore, the specified approach will assist invest in the staff. Because a result, the employees will recognize the company’s attempt to promote their expert growth and, therefore, will develop loyalty towards ADNOC. Consequently, a new drop in yield rates is anticipated to occur, major to a considerable improvement in the particular company’s performance inside the target marketplace.

In addition, seeking opportunities inside the remote supervision of employees together with creating e-services need to be viewed since an important step regarding ADNOC in improving its current efficiency rates. As burdened above, the problems associated with the particular communication process are really currently seen as very important to the firm’s success in the particular global market. As a result, it is vital for the particular company to make use of the particular available e-tools like the means regarding encouraging the staff members members to talk about the particular available information a lot more efficiently and, hence, prevent the circumstances of misrepresenting specific facts and generating impediments for your office processes.

Finally, it is recommended that will ADNOC should change its current Computer code of Conduct. Since stressed above, this is crucial in order to make sure that will employees members usually are provided using a sturdy and positive company philosophy, in addition to a set in place of rigid in addition to clear ethical models based on which often they should help to make company-related decisions. Although the current Signal of Ethics in addition to Conduct used from ADNOC seems pretty legitimate, it appears to get lacing many essential principles, the particular issues linked to the company values and trading in key stakeholders, including the staff (“Code of carry out, ” 2016).

Finally, this is strongly suggested that ADNOC is exploring the opportunities regarding increasing its durability levels. As the firm has been reputed for its endeavors from reducing the bad impact on the particular environment, the guidelines regarding sustainability tend not to appear to have already been implemented in additional areas of the particular firm’s operations. Especially, the management in the company’s human assets ought to be listed amongst the primary locations where the principle of sustainability need to be used. Since stressed above, ADNOC has been slicing jobs significantly credited to the decline in the inspiration levels among the particular employees, along with their particular unwillingness to satisfy the particular corporate standards.

Therefore, the particular workload that the particular remaining staff is usually currently experiencing provides been growing tremendously. Thus, the renovate of the method in which tasks and responsibilities usually are distributed among the particular workers should end up being viewed as absolutely essential (Rao, 2015).

However, the creation of a more successful communication tool that will will allow ADNOC to hart right voices of their workers and satisfy the needs regarding both employees in addition to contractors should end up being viewed as a total necessity. Because regarding the inability in order to communicate directly together with the company as well as its managers, the remote control employees at ADNOC have been encountering significant pressure that will has generated a new rapid rise inside their dissatisfaction prices and the following resignation.

In order to address the situation in addition to prevent the incident of similar circumstances in the potential future, ADNOC should form its current method toward managing the particular communication process throughout the project supervision process. The lively use of modern technologies, as good as the steady promotion of modern thinking among the particular staff members because the foundation for the particular further change, have to be deemed since a crucial; action toward addressing the specific situation.

The particular approach described over aligns with the particular primary tenets regarding Herzberg’s Two-Factor Principle of Motivation (TFTM). While seemingly basic, the required approach enables distinguishing between the particular factors for example career enlargement, job richness, and empowerment. Simply by reconsidering the tasks and responsibilities within just the organization, ADNOC managers will end up being able to provide their staff a chance to try new tasks and, therefore, build new abilities in addition to skills.

In accordance together with the primary tenets of the principle, the change inside the roles in addition to responsibilities of employees, particularly the alter toward assigning staff with new duties and stressing the particular importance thereof, can help the ADNOC personnel realize that will these are valued simply by the company, in addition to that their share is recognized. Consequently , the loyalty ranges among the staff are required to surge. The specified modification is bound in order to help reduce the amount of conflicts occurring at work since it may allow resolving a new range of unawareness that currently acquire place due to employees’ reluctance to take transformation.

Typically the concept of task enrichment as some sort of crucial component of TFTM, in turn, will assist create the surroundings when the employees can be wanting to get new information and even develop the kind of expertise. Because of typically the current low diamond and motivation costs, employees members are generally unwilling to check out innovative tools intended for skills and expertise acquisition; yet , seeing that soon as ADNOC changes its principles toward the identification of the employees’ significance for typically the organization, a speedy rise in typically the personnel’s attitude in the direction of the idea involving the consistent mastering in the work environment is expected to be able to take place.

Finally, typically the phenomenon of personal strength as an major section of Herzberg’s structure will probably be observed when the staff involving ADNOC will establish typically the level of accountability that’s needed is to produce strategically important judgements in the surroundings of the firm. The required change is definitely an admittedly tough one mainly because it signifies putting significant strain on the company’s members.

Lessons Learned: Building a Flexible Environment to the Staff

An overview involving the existing concerns associated with typically the remote management involving employees at ADNOC, plus the control above the work involving contractors, has says there are important issues associated using handling the distant employee management, preserving the communication method consistent, and saving the motivation ciencia among the concentrate on population high. Typically the specified factors specify the quality involving the conclusion product, which in turn means that methods for the active promo of employee diamond must be stationed inside the context involving the organization.

The truth underneath analysis also items to the simple fact that the development of distant management tools potential clients to a lose in the degrees of control applied by a firm; as an end result, a firm need rely heavily for the staff and their very own capacity to meet typically the company standards. As a result, it is very important to make confident that the moral principles promoted with the organization, the criteria for decision-making, and even other important guidelines are followed tightly by the personnel. Otherwise, a speedy drop in functionality level the truth of ADNOC programs.

The value of getting typically the company’s priorities direct when managing some sort of project is yet another essential lessons that is learned inside of the scenario defined above. As being the circumstance of ADNOC indicates quite clearly, perhaps in the surroundings that could be described while extremely competitive and even hostile, a firm need to keep the target on meeting typically the needs coming from all stakeholders involved. The required matter concerns not simply saving customer satisfaction degrees high but in addition being sure that the team members feel relaxed inside of the workplace surroundings.

Typically the increasingly high anxiety levels within typically the organization, the climb in the volume of responsibilities allocated to the concentrate on population, and typically the deficiency of any direction that can have aided ADNOC employees deal with the communication method along with the available occasion more proficiently has led pre lit to rather vergonzoso outcomes. The other should be addressed on a manner while efficient and expeditious as possible; in any other case, the threat involving ADNOC losing it is current position inside the context of typically the global market might become an actuality (Weinberg, ‎Sutherland, ‎& Cooper, 2015).

The necessity to purchase the staff associates and promote typically the active acquisition involving the relevant expertise and skills most notable is another lesson that is learned during typically the management of typically the issue. As being the guide of the condition at ADNOC indicates, it is essential to help make sure that typically the employees know about typically the firm’s willingness to be able to support them during their professional expansion in the company environment.

Basically, a firm must buy it is staff and the specialized growth by giving these people with an prospect to acquire and even train rewarding. Building training sessions is a crucial part of taking care of a project due to the fact some of typically the employees may demand additional training. Additionally, the active promo of the life long learning principles needs to be viewed as typically the key for the further more success with the job management process. As a result, the idea involving the consistent mastering has to be implanted straight into the very corporate and business philosophy associated with a business along with typically the give attention to employees’ health and wellness. Now, the value of viewing the wants of the staff members throughout the prism involving Herzberg’s TFMF justifies being mentioned.

As burdened above, the unit focuses extensively certainly not only for the matter of employee determination but also for the goal of staff empowerment, whereas various other frameworks seem to be able to forget the specified matter. The significance of employee personal strength should not be glanced above, yet , since that provides the groundwork for the productive management of typically the crucial project managing processes. A better seem at the thought will reveal of which the specified strategy implies introducing staff members members to typically the thought of independence.

When taken out worldwide involving rigid corporate good quality standards, positive corporate and business philosophy, and substantial levels of corporate and business social responsibility, thinking about employee independence influences the quality involving the performance profoundly. It provides staff members embers with typically the agency that that they need to help make important decisions throughout the context involving the organization. The required change will let reducing the moment taken to finish certain operations.

In typically the environment where typically the information management method is arranged properly and where personnel make decisions and even take actions in behalf of typically the organization, the required structure is bound to be able to trigger a swift increase in the achievements of project management. Here lies the relevance of promoting interaction between employees and even managers. The particular step will permit connecting the crucial corporate and business values to typically the target population, with the same moment keeping their dedication levels high.


The advised approach will let for an important embrace the production levels within typically the organization considering that the chances for changing typically the staff’s attitude in the direction of their roles and even responsibilities can be the opportunity. Furthermore, typically the rearrangement of typically the organizational time managing (TM) framework is definitely bound to have got a massive positive influence on the PM method.

Resulting in the environment in which in turn employees understand typically the importance of cohesiveness, as well while where they can be presented with opportunities intended for efficient work can be a critical step in the direction of a gradual development of the company’s performance. For this kind of purpose, the reconsideration of the latest approach toward typically the key PM operations, including a difference in typically the current code involving conduct, the development of the company values, and some sort of redesign with the prevailing time management structure. Thus, an instant development in the usefulness of the PRIVATE MESSAGE is expected. Specifically, the goals set in place to be performed inside of the process will be expected being obtained, and a continuous progress in typically the communication process in the company can occur.

The introduction involving the mandatory changes is definitely bound to confront certain resistance in the staff due to be able to the possible raise in the range of responsibilities and even the change throughout the roles of which they be in the firm. The unwillingness involving the employees can ostensibly be settled with the support of rewards plus a change in typically the company’s communication insurance plan, plus the reinforcement involving the key corporate and business values. Thus, typically the foundation for some sort of rapid progress involving the company and even a more useful management of assignments inside the context involving its organizational surroundings will be made.

The required steps are sure to lead to some sort of massive improvement throughout the relationships involving remote workers and even ADNOC managers. Additionally, the opportunities intended for managing the timetable more efficiently might be created. Eventually, conflicts between distant staff and professionals will be taken care of in a beneficial and efficient fashion.


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