Alternative Transportation Use For Public Health

Alternative Transportation Use for Public Health


HP2020 Topic: Environmental Health;

HP2020 Objectives: EH-2 Increase the use of alternative modes of transportation for work.

Transportation is an important determinant of public health. At the same time, the issue receives modest attention on the institutional level, which necessitates promotion at the community level (Litman, 2013). The project is expected to address the issue by communicating the health benefits of the practice to a segment of a target audience.

Target Audience

The target audience of the health promotion project is comprised of working adults who rely on transportation to get to work. Thus, the audience includes both male and female participants. The age range of the audience is estimated between 15 and 64 years, which is a typical demographic characteristic of the general population segment in question.

The topic of means of transportation used in trips to work is important for the audience due to its health implications. A growing body of evidence points to a direct relationship between the particular type of transport used for outings to operate and the particular state of wellness within the populace segment. According in order to a current systematic evaluation by Kelly ainsi que al. (2014), going for walks and cycling are usually associated with a reduction within risk of all-cause mortality. The impact is observable right after adjustment for some other activities (Kelly ainsi que al., 2014). Contemplating the regular repeat of trips plus their relatively lower difficulty, it will be reasonable to anticipate it to become related to the target audience.


The particular goal of the particular project is in order to boost the percentage associated with trips made in order to work using option means of transport, with an focus on walking plus bicycling as favored methods. The end result is anticipated to be observed within the long phrase, with the preferred effect observed inside a year after the particular project completion.


  • After participating within the project (condition), the audience (who) will be capable to identify (performance) the main advantages of walking plus cycling on the wellness (criterion).
  • After familiarizing on their own with the obtainable community resources (performance), the participants from the event (who) can locate (performance) the community organizations that offer support for people interested in physical exercise and alternative way of transportation (criterion).
  • After the particular project’s termination (condition), employees of typically the organization (who) can be ready to be able to display (performance) determination to the notion of switching to much healthier means of vehicles (criterion).
  • After participating on the project (condition), the staff in the SoundFun Karaoke business (who) will end up being able to checklist (performance) the elements and techniques applied to integrate jogging and bicycling directly into the company’s enterprise practices (criterion).
  • After familiarizing themselves with typically the results of cycling and walking about health (condition), typically the participants (who) may display a steady fascination with maintaining a new healthy lifestyle (criterion).
  • Learning Websites

    Almost all of the targets identified inside the job are like distinction of the intellectual learning domain. Especially, the first aim involves the capacity of the viewers to memorize in addition to recall certain details related to typically the health associated with typically the practice under consideration. In the same way, objective 2 demands the participants to be able to demonstrate comprehension in the role of diverse community organizations inside the advancement a new healthy habit in addition to apply this information in specific real life situations. Finally, aim 4 requires typically the participants to synthesize the information by simply organizing the details received through the project’s staff and being released on the at meaningful results. Despite considerable insurance coverage both in specialised and popular resources, some great benefits of a healthy and balanced lifestyle remain unacknowledged by the many the population. Hence, communicating the good outcomes within an accessible and clear method is anticipated to add to population participation.

    2 remaining objectives could be classified as important to the efficient domain. For occasion, objective 3 needs the participants in order to be responsive in order to the ideas conveyed with the educators, assisting the sensation of happiness because of engaging together with the experience. Likewise, objective 5 seeks at the participants’ increased capacity regarding recognizing the benefit associated with the particular discussed practice in addition to display commitment in order to proactively increase the particular value through participation. Some varieties of vehicles can be regarded as undesirable due in order to their socio-economic in addition to cultural implications. This is thus essential to address the recognized barriers associated together with the practice in order to increase the openness of the viewers to look at the exercise.


    The particular community project is usually to be executed in the neighborhood in To the south Florida. The organized participants are the particular employees in the SoundFun Karaoke company. The particular main reason right behind the selection is the appropriateness in the company’s size towards the objectives involving the project. Typically the size of SoundFun Karaoke permits combining the received expertise within their HR procedures relatively easily, which in turn makes it a fantastic starting point intended for testing the institutional associated with the educative intervention.

    Date and Moment Frame

    The project is definitely tentatively planned intended for execution at (date and month). Typically the presentation is split up in two days and nights to let the members to attempt the offered approach and review prove experience. Typically the time frame planned for the business presentation is 50 a few minutes, currently scheduled with (time), with agreement obtained from typically the manager.

    Facility Contact Man or woman

    Typically the informed consent was basically extracted from Rodrigo Ag Cunha (position) (phone number). The fixed copy of typically the consent form is definitely included below.

    Marketing Prepare

    The case is scheduled and arranged throughout collaboration together with the firm management, that will in addition inform them with the attendance specifics. As a result, attendance is certainly not supposed to be the issue. The case can easily be marketed while promoting an cost-effective, entertaining, and powerful approach to maintaining fine health.


    Kelly, P., Kahlmeier, S., Götschi, Big t., Orsini, N., Richards, J., Roberts, D., … Foster, G. (2014). Systematic assessment and meta-analysis involving reduction in all-cause mortality from strolling and cycling plus shape of dose response relationship. International Diary of Behavioral Nourishment and Physical Exercise, 11 (132), 1-15.

    Litman, T. (2013). Transportation and general public health. Annual Review associated with Public Health, 34 ,

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