American Association Of Heart Failure Nurses

American Association of Heart Failure Nurses

Nursing associations may play a considerable role in the professional development of a nurse by providing education and creating information-sharing networks. An example of such an organization is the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses (AAHFN). The organization seeks to set and maintain standards for heart failure nursing based on research and clinical practice and utilizes education and print to keep its members informed about the current development in the field.

As follows from the name, the organization consolidates the heart failure nurses of the United States. Since its founding in 2004, AAFHN defines its purpose as advancing nursing education, research, and clinical practice “to improve heart failure patient outcomes” (“About AAFHN, ” n. d., para. 1).

The mission of the organization is to unite health professionals, patients, and caregivers alike to promote optimal patient outcomes by supporting and advancing heart failure practice (“About AAFHN, ” n. d. ). AAFHN’s vision is “to be the particular foremost nursing organization across the coronary heart failure continuum” (“About AAFHN, ” and. d., para. 5). Membership in the particular organization provides free of charge or cheaper entry to its academic activities, along with the some other perks the following.

The significance of becoming a member associated with AAFHN for the heart failure health professional lies in the particular exclusive opportunities it offers. AAFHN is presently “the only organization focused on heart failing nurses” in the particular United States (“Membership, ” n. deb., para. 1). As a result, joining it will be the only method for a heart failing nurse to become integrated fully in to the professional local community and benefit from your organization’s networking possibilities. These opportunities primarily include regular live life webinars, annual meetings, and workshops, exactly where members may grow their professionalism and discuss their experiences concurrently (“Member benefits, ” n. d. ). Thus, membership within AAFHN is important for a health professional working in the particular field.

To keep its users informed about modifications in health treatment and practice, AAFHN utilizes several sources. To begin with, it keeps the bi-monthly Heart & Lung – The Journal associated with Acute & Crucial Care with free of charge subscription for users (“Member benefits, ” n. d. ). Secondly, it redirects quarterly newsletters in order to the members mainly because well as annual reports (“Member advantages, ” n. deb. ). Finally, the particular organization has been crafting the particular American Nursing Organization (ANA) Scope plus Standards of Cardio Nursing since the inception 7 years ago (Rasmusson, Flattery, & Baas, 2015). By merging these methods, AAFHN succeeds in telling its members associated with the notable advancements in the industry.

AAFHN furthermore provides opportunities with regard to both training plus professional development. This offers educational actions, mostly in the particular form of documented or live training calls and recorded delivering presentations (“Education activities, ” n. d. ). All these actions are either free of charge or cheaper with regard to AAFHN members. Aside from that, regular membership in the business also provides the discount around the charges to take the particular Certified Heart Failing Nursing exam (“Member benefits, ” and. d. ). Consequently , membership in AAFHN provides better possibilities for career advancement as well because continuous education within the field.

In conclusion, AAFHN, like a professional business, is advantageous for any kind of heart failure health professional. The association’s objective, mission, and eyesight generate it to advertise effective clinical exercise and encourage study and education within the field. Other ways of delivering advice about the developments in coronary heart failure nursing make sure that AAFHN members know about changes in wellness care and exercise. The organization also provides increased opportunities with regard to educational and expert development for the member cost-free or even for less money.


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