Banner Health Organization And Public Needs

Banner Health Organization and Public Needs

  • Introduction

    Banner Health is a nonprofit network of hospitals across the United States of America which was established in 1999. It is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and boasts of over 39, 000 employees who work in twenty-eight acute care hospitals and healthcare centers in seven states. Also, it has a growing network of clinics and health centers. The services provided by the organization include physician services, home care, hospice, and hospital care. Banner Health was ranked among the top five healthcare systems in the US. Also, it has excellent services. For instance, it offers a state of the art 55-bed simulation medical center to enhance care and training and twenty-one of the organization’s hospitals have electronic medical records of the highest level (Fine, 2016). Banner Health is faced with the challenges of enhancing care delivery and reducing operational costs. Therefore , the following is an analysis of the organization to assess its readiness in meeting the health needs of citizens in the next decade.

    Strategic Plan

    Banner Health plays an integral role in the delivery of care in the various regions it operates. For example, it has a high significance for the western communities in urban areas such as Phoenix, AZ, and in remote locations such as Fallon, NV, and Fairbanks, AK. Despite its expansion, Banner Health has faced some challenges in staffing, maintaining its network growth, resource management, and ensuring the satisfaction of patients. As a result, the system has continually been looking at and implementing effective strategies to ensure it remains true to the care delivery service. The organization’s strategic plan is based on a standard approach that is applied across all the sectors.

    Network Growth

    Banner Health has been expanding its network due to the increasing demand for health care. As a result, the organization has been expanding its network to reach many people in the seven states. The network growth is mainly in projects in Arizona, Colorado, and Nebraska. For example, Banner Health partnered with the University of Arizona Health Network to form Banner University Medicine, which is based in Tucson and Phoenix and has enabled the residents of Arizona to access quality health care. In Colorado, Banner Health established Banner Fort Collins Medical Center, which opened in 2015. The facility has a 24-bed in-patient unit, provides lab services, medical imaging, delivery rooms, and medical services.

    Besides, Banner Wellness has also improved its capability in order to serve lots of people via the expansion from the East Morgan Region Hospital. The wellness care services possess also been prolonged to Gold Encolure and Apache Verse communities, where Goldfield Medical Center has been opened in 2013. In Nebraska, this expanded the Ogallala Community Hospital which usually was completed in 2014. Banner Health Treatment centers have continued in order to open in brand new locations. The treatment centers are designed in order to take care associated with the main health requirements of numerous communities. Inside the United Says of America, the particular need for health care has been upon the increase. The particular demand is expected to keep upon growing. Therefore, the particular network growth plus expansion of a few health facilities place Banner Health within a strategic placement to provide high quality care to numerous people in the particular next decade.

    Nurse Staffing requirementws

    Expert nursing practice performs a critical part within the provision associated with excellent healthcare in order to patients inside a risk-free environment (Frith, Anderson, Tseng & Fong, 2012). To make sure carried on excellent services within the future, Banner ad Health has recognized the strategic functions played by workers. Specifically, Banner Wellness understands the functions from the professional exercise of nursing. The particular nurses at Banner ad Health are qualified to ensure commitment in care shipping. Nurses doing work in Banner ad Health are quite appreciated and respected because of the dedication they have got exemplified in partnering with families, individuals, along with other members associated with the healthcare group. Across the procession of care, the particular nurses cherish the particular spirit of improving healing environments plus care. Staffing associated with qualified nurses will certainly continue placing the particular organization in the strategic position in order to serve people inside the next 10 years. Nevertheless , this ought to be depending on utilizing qualified nurses that are dedicated in order to the profession.

    Resource Administration

    Banner ad Health has concentrated on the decrease of operational expenses and making certain the particular quality delivery associated with care to the particular patients is managed. To sustain the network growth, Banner ad Health came upward with a technique to reevaluate the particular freight program (FDSI Logistics, 2015). Consequently, it partnered along with FDSI. It was in order to help Banner Wellness in the administration from the freight plan. Prior to the partnership among the FDSI plus Banner Health, an additional freight management supplier was in cost of the system. The provider applied 395 vendors simply by 2011. However, below the FDSI, extra 716 vendors possess been identified. Furthermore, the strategic administration of FDSI offers resulted in the particular provision of correct freight cost presence. For example, FDSI discovered that this expenditure with regard to the freight system in 2010 has been $ 6. two million. However, right after analysis of the particular expenditure, FDSI found out that 8% associated with the cost has been not freighted; rather, it was mysterious fees for providers. Therefore, in growing its network, Banner ad Health has arrive plan a technique to negotiate agreements with suppliers and therefore eliminate the mysterious extra costs.

    The collaboration with FDSI directed to the recognition of saving associated with about $1. four million in last year. The savings possess been on a raise. For example, in 2012 and 2013 these people increased to $1. 78 million plus $1. 96 thousand respectively (FDSI Logistics, 2015). Through the management of FDSI, Banner Health offers realized a complete of $5. fifty five million in cost savings that are utilized to enhance care shipping and growing the network.

    Patient Satisfaction

    In contemporary society, the satisfaction of patients will be a critical component of any successful wellness system (Farley ainsi que al., 2014). Depending on this understanding, Banner ad Health uses integrative healing modalities to supply excellent care to the patients. This particular relies on understanding that care for individuals includes healing the physical, emotional, plus spiritual aspects associated with the body. Therefore , to ensure that the patients are usually satisfied, the integrative healing modality offers led to the incorporation of spiritual care staff required to supply spiritual plus emotional nourishment. This particular supplements the bodily healthcare.


    Good planning, source management processes, individual satisfaction, and the right staffing lead to the achievement of any wellness organization. To make sure the fulfillment of its mandate of high quality care provision, Banner ad Health should improve the standard approach with regard to efficient management of its operations. The regular approach will make sure that systematic difficulties across the program such as the resource management experienced with the shipping program in the past are recognized and solutions invented. This will furthermore ensure that the needs from the individuals are met inside the set spending budget. Therefore, the software of an integrated strategy remains to become extremely important in conditioning the capability of the organization to understand development and reduce the operational costs because illustrated in the case study.


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