Bipolar Disorder, Its Types, Symptoms, Treatments

Bipolar Disorder, The Types, Symptoms, Remedies


Worry (2013) defines bipolar disorder as “a brain condition that will results in typical mood, activity, plus energy shifts” (p. 2). The problem (also given the name Manic-Depressive Illness) can make it impossible for the particular affected patient in order to perform his / her daily activities. Psychologists think that bipolar problem is actually a critical issue that may encourage individuals to engage in dangerous behaviors. Sometimes the particular affected patients may become suicidal. This particular research paper provides a detailed evaluation of the main issues associated along with this mental situation.

Sorts of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar We Disorder

This condition will be characterized by manic episodes that may last for 5-7 days (Goodwin, 2009). Sometimes the shows might be serious thus calling with regard to adequate medical assistance and hospitalization. Depressive modes might take the period of two or more weeks (Angst, 2013). The common indicators of the condition include manic signs and symptoms and extended depressive disorders.

Bipolar II Problem

This problem presents various depressive episodes. Some hypomanic episodes may also happen for a time period of 3-5 times (Goodwin, 2009). Nevertheless, this version associated with bipolar disorder is less serious. Patients should furthermore be provided along with adequate medical assistance.

Cyclothymic Problem

This problem is known in order to portray numerous hypomanic signs and signs and symptoms. Affected patients may be depressed with regard to a very very long period. Some signs and symptoms have been recorded with regard to over 2 yrs. Kids and youths along with this type may record such signs and symptoms for over the year (Angst, 2013). The condition will not result in hypomanic episodes.

Unspecified Bipolar

Some depressive conditions might happen but fail in order to match some of the over three types. Like symptoms are consequently associated with a good unspecified bipolar problem (Goodwin, 2009).

Signs plus Symptoms

The above sorts of bipolar disorder existing various signs or symptoms. Appropriate knowledge of this kind of symptoms is related for you to get the the majority of desirable care. Individuals with the issue experience changes within sleep, levels of energy, feelings, and behaviors (Angst, 2013). The unique periods characterizing this particular condition are referred to as feeling episodes (Goodwin, 2009). People having a manic episode will possess a lot associated with energy and sleep problems. They may also become atrabiliario, think fast, plus engage in dangerous behaviors. A depressive episode will outcome in energy reduction and decreased bodily activity. The personal might become impossible. Many patients turn out to be forgetful, tired, plus suicidal (Goodwin, 2009). Members of the family should keep track of the existence of mood shifts and activity shifts. This is essential because bipolar problem is associated along with complex symptoms that will can result inside numerous health issues. Lack of efficient medication can trigger severe depression or even mania (Angst, 2013).


People who suspect in order to have this situation “should consult the licensed mental wellness professional” (Goodwin, this year, p. 349). The particular professional will total a simple bodily exam to identify the condition properly. A mental wellness evaluation should become conducted to be able to appear up with good results. Experienced psychiatrists can also become consulted during the particular diagnosis process.

Risk Aspects and Causes

Psychiatrists plus researchers have already been conducting numerous research to be able to understand the particular possible reasons for this particular condition. Modern researchers believe that a number of factors cause this particular psychological problem. The particular functional processes associated with the brain may predict the lack or presence associated with the disorder (Juli, Maria-Rosaria, & Luigi, 2012). Some experts believe that particular genes in the particular body might get rid of people to this particular disorder. The situation has also already been observed to “run in various families” (Juli et al., this year, p. 114). This particular fact explains the reason why children of impacted parents have increased likelihood of developing bipolar disorder.

Management and Therapy

Bipolar disorder is 1 of the long term diseases affecting mankind. Patients should, therefore , have access in order to long-term and sufficient management plans. A number of medications happen to be discovered to control almost all of the symptoms associated together with this disorder. Typically the widely used medicines contain “antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and atypical antipsychotics” (Goodwin, 2009, l. 354). Individuals together with the condition will get appropriate advice off their caregivers and pharmacists.

Hypnosis is another beneficial method used to be able to treat bipolar support groups. This specific approach provides enough education, guidance, help, and care in people with bipolar condition. Multidisciplinary teams might also support typically the needs of typically the affected family people. The major talks to used to take care of this disorder include “psycho-education, family-focused, social beat, cognitive-behavioral therapies” (Goodwin, 2009, p. 359).

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is usually useful if the affected person does not reply to the above remedy methods. At the same time, ECT is appropriate if the targeted patient is usually pregnant or encountering other medical difficulties. However, the method presents various unwanted effects such as storage lapse, disorientation, in addition to confusion (Juli ou al., 2012). Several patients with typically the condition could have difficulty getting enough sleeping (Angst, 2013). Fresh medications ought to be released if the affected person is unable to be able to sleep.


Statistics indicate of which many people have got bipolar support groups (Angst, 2013). Affected persons locate it challenging to have got normal lifestyles. Typically the individuals encounter many challenges for example sleep problems, suicidal thoughts, in addition to withdrawal. Proper supervision practices and remedies can, therefore, help the needs regarding every patient. Drugs should also end up being introduced in buy to increase the lifestyles of the influenced patients.

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