Bipolar Disorder Symptoms, Factors And Treatment

Bipolar Disorder: Symptoms, Factors and Treatment

  • Introduction

    Bipolar problem is a neuropsychological disorder characterized by changing moods plus energy levels that impact the ability associated with the patients’ memory space to function usually. The disorder affects the neurons in the brain, hence causing uncoordinated functions of the exact same. The results on typically the brain count on typically the periodic episodes involving depression and fila that characterize typically the disorder. Halgin and even Whitbourne explain of which manic depression alterations the moods involving the patient by simply eliciting fears, impacting on rational thoughts, triggering great trauma plus developing suicidal feelings (183). The problem disrupts neuropsychological dexterity resulting into cognitive impairment, and it occurs in two period episodes viz. odio, and depression. Consequently, what are the symptoms, predisposing factors, and efficient treatment plan of bipolar disorder?


    Examination of bipolar disorder in Faces Online website shows diagnostic features that involve both manic plus depressive episodes. The Faces Interactive web site illustrates how spotty depressive and manic episodes affect neuropsychological functions in people making them to be able to have abnormal manners. During the depressive episode, the sufferer experiences low feelings and loss involving interest for the day by day activities because involving depressed cognitive talents. The signs and even symptoms of typically the depressive episode incorporate depression, feeling involving helplessness, decrease of delight in activities, tiredness, irritability, sleep interference, suicidal feelings, and even chronic pain amidst other clinical signs.

    Kohn argues that extreme cases of zweipolig disorder result straight into severe depressive feelings pushing the person into psychosis, hallucinations, and delusions (Para. 2). The point out of severe zweipolig depression may are about two months to several months inside of adults but also in young children, it may acquire for several hours to days and nights. Patients at typically the depressive episode include low mood and even energy to accomplish common activities, therefore cognitively experience delusions and even hallucinations.

    The Faces Fun website further shows diagnostic features of which the patient expertise in manic event. During the mania episode, the affected person experiences high feelings with high levels of energy in the physique that boosts the action leading to psychosis, anxiety, and frustration. The signs in addition to symptoms in the mania episode include elevated activity, extreme frustration, high energy ranges, little or zero sleep, aggressiveness, inferior judgment, and distractibility amongst other signs and symptoms. If these indications and symptoms take place daily for a new period of fourteen days, then the patient is in the manic episode.

    The activity of the patient is due to the high energy levels that the body generates. According to Kohn, cognitive impairment results from the high energy levels in the brain that makes patients experiences anxiety, irritability and psychosis as attributes of aggressive behavior (Para. 5). In addition to depressive in addition to manic episodes, sufferers may experience blended episodes of zweipolig disorder, which significantly distorts neuropsychological skill thus impairing intellectual functions. Based about information from Confronts Interactive website, correct associated with bipolar condition requires consideration regarding both manic in addition to depressive symptoms.

    Predisposing Elements

    Centered on information coming from Faces Interactive site, a profile regarding an individual that is likely in order to be suffering coming from bipolar support groups should show manic episodes that will can persist regarding at least a new week and sometimes depressive episodes. Scientists experience discovered that bipolar support groups occurs due to the combination of several factors. Many scientific studies suggest that the possible causes of bipolar disorder are genetic, environmental, and physiological factors. Additionally, genetic studies have revealed that the patients suffering from bipolar disorder have at least one or more members of their families who had suffered from some other psychiatric condition if not bipolar disorder. Hence, because it is a genetic disorder, individuals in the families with psychotic conditions or bipolar disorder are more predisposed as compared to the general population.

    Further scientific studies have proved that environmental conditions can also predispose one to bipolar disorder. Prospective and case studies have revealed that about a third of adult patients with bipolar disorder had traumatic and abusive experiences in their childhood, which predisposed them to develop bipolar disorder. Moreover, Kohn argues that, creative artists like musicians, writers, painters, and actors are susceptible to bipolar disorder while compared the standard population (Para. 7).

    Consequently, interactions of typically the genetic and ecological conditions influence typically the susceptibility for the zweipolig disorder. Another source of the bipolar dysfunction is the physiological issue of mental performance thanks to its composition. Comparative examination involving brains demonstrates that typically the bipolar patients include relatively an unnatural brain structure. Typically the abnormal structure involving the brain influences the physiological substances that are important in normal performing with the brain. Intended for instance, insufficient neurotransmitters and defective neurons contribute to typically the occurrence of typically the bipolar disorder.

    Interview Assessment

    Examination of the patients’ interview shows that they do recognize that that they are suffering by the bipolar dysfunction for they can certainly explain what that they experience in equally the manic and even depressive episodes. Intended for example, in depressive episode, a sufferer feels depressed, will lose pleasure in operate or activities, will be disturbed in sleep, experiences chronic pain, and develops suicidal feelings. However , in accordance to Faces Online website, during manic episode, an individual can experience altering sleep patterns yet cannot realize transformed behaviour due to symptoms like improved activity, extreme becoming easily irritated, high energy level, belligerence, poor view, and distractibility. This particular shows that the patient feels more normal in the depressive episode than within the manic show.

    Treatment Plan

    An effective treatment plan focuses on relieving the symptoms, preventing event of disorder shows, and enhancing capability to deal with the symptoms. I concur with current treatment provided to the individual as per Encounters Interactive website for this is very effective with regard to it includes chemotherapy and psychotherapy. Chemotherapy is critical within stabilizing intermittent moods of the dysfunction, thus alleviating typically the symptoms and protecting against occurrence with the dysfunction. Psychotherapy and training are imperative inside of enhancing the attention of the bipolar support groups for the people to handle challenging mania and depressive symptoms. Through psychotherapy and even education, patients will be able to get lifestyle managements expertise of minimizing indications of the disorder. Way of living management skills for instance having regular sleeping patterns, exercising constantly, coping with pressure, and refraining by substance abuse are very powerful in manipulating the happening of the dysfunction episodes


    Bipolar disorder influences your memory by simply disrupting neuronal plus psychological coordination inside the brain. Bad neuropsychological coordination impairs cognitive functions. The particular two periodic shows of bipolar problem, mania and depressive disorders, differentially impair neuropsychological coordination in the particular brain. Throughout the depressive episode, there is certainly depressive disorders of cognitive capabilities due to lower energy levels plus can result in serious bipolar condition exactly where the patient encounters delusions and hallucinations. In the manic episode, aggressive conduct occurs because of the higher energy levels seen as an irritability, anxiety, and psychosis. Therefore, both manic and depressive shows of bipolar disorder impact neuropsychological coordination leading to cognitive impairment.

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