Childhood And Adult Obesity In The Us In 2011

Childhood and Grown-up Obesity in typically the US in 2011-12


Relating to the gains provided in typically the critiqued article, that becomes evident there were no significant alterations regarding the ailment of obesity between residents of typically the United States involving America from the year 2003 till 2011. However, the number involving American citizens suffering from this problem is still tremendous at typically the moment. Therefore, this matter needs to always be investigated and fixed by medical personnel and other pros involved in this kind of sphere.

It could be proper to be able to state how the key population that deals with the problem involving obesity consists involving children. Approximately a third coming from all people existing in the united states underneath the age involving ten are believed being obese (according to general studies of doctors by all states involving the country). Typically the primary purpose involving the discussed exploration was going to analyze unhealthy weight rates in The usa and appreciate how would the situation transform since the past review in the year 2003.


Typically the main problem involving the research has not been clearly stated throughout this article written by simply Ogden, Carroll, Set up, and Flegal. Even so, the main objectives of the exploration are not aimed with solving and researching the problem involving obesity itself. Alternatively, the authors chosen to focus on typically the a comparison of statistics and even their tendencies in the last ten years. Nevertheless, the health and fitness issue of unhealthy weight remains practically significant nowadays. It seems that a third of all typically the children population throughout the United Areas of America is definitely overweight. Therefore, health care workers and historians must discuss typically the given topic to be able to eliminate the great problem.

The purpose involving the study within the title of “Prevalence of Childhood and even Adult Obesity in the us, 2011-2012” was to be able to display the most current survey results with regards to the number involving people with excess weight in typically the country. When it was stated above, the experts also wanted to be able to assess trends between the identical benefits in 2003 using those of 2012. The authors involving the article would not identify it is hypothesis. However, a basic investigation does certainly not require this factor as there is certainly nothing new to be able to be tested or perhaps experienced. It may be claimed how the hypothesis of typically the discussed study is definitely to prove no matter if or not typically the rate of unhealthy weight among Americans features decreased. The real key words were also certainly not defined in typically the context.

Report on Literature

The experts with the critiqued write-up would not provide virtually any literature review inside of their study. Even so, they used thirty four relevant sources of which were pertinent with their research. All typically the sources were educational, hence the files analyzed and considered by the initiators was trustworthy. In addition, they provided various tables to exhibit the key results involving their investigations. This kind of presentation the actual bought data look extra reasonable and secure to evaluate at when. Indeed, the sources appear to always be frequent in typically the text with the write-up. It is needed to state many of the employed sources are in addition performed by experts of the presented study separately. Inspite of all the components set by the presented paragraph, the exploration remains current and even relevant to several health issues present in the land at typically the present moment (Ogden et al., 2014). Unfortunately, the charge of obese people would not decrease throughout the last ten years. In conclusion, that must be explained that there is certainly no proof of virtually any bias regarding data and its reliability in the write-up as all typically the sources are the latest and noted to be able to be used by simply several researchers.

Design and even Procedures

The authors preferred to use the quantitative type of research methodology in their paper to describe all the differences regarding the rates of obesity in the USA within the last nine years. Although this method is not mentioned in the context, it becomes obvious when one looks at all the tables and numbers presented in it. Ogden et al. (2014) compare numbers that were investigated in 2003 to the same indexes in 2011. The research type of the study can be claimed experimental as all the contributors to it participated in research that was aimed at identifying weights of all people that took part in it.

Indeed, the discussed study was not original as it repeated the method of the same event that was organized one decade ago. However, the results acquired at the end of the research were necessary for the further development of sound solutions to the prevalent health problem of obesity in the USA. The replica study used such measurement tools as scales and a tape with inches marked on it to assess participants’ both heights and weights. This gave the organizers a precise understanding of how much kilograms average child weights.

As the main audience consisted of children, the authors of the paper identified both weights and heights of people aged from 2 to 19. For infants, they used a length metric system as they could not standstill. After these issues were determined and recorded, participants’ BMI rates were then calculated to understand whether or not the obtained results were satisfying. A pilot study has not been conducted as the experiment was organized several years ago. Therefore, all the requirements for its realization were already known.

There were no variables outlined by Ogden et al. (2014) as they did not do any experiment. The process of measurement conducted during the study is rather the calculation of results than the discovery of new outcomes. According to what has been said in the context of the article, the research included oversampling of various populations consisted of non-Hispanic black people, individuals of Hispanic ethnic background, and non-Hispanic Asians. All the participants (9120) were divided into four groups (according to their races or nationalities). As it is mentioned above, the scholars welcomed people from 2 to 19 years old. The heights and weights of all of them were measured and then compared to the same results gathered in 2003. Moreover, only overweight children were recommended to participate in the research so that the results would relate to its purpose. There was no evidence of bias as everything was conducted regarding the failures and successes of the primary experiment.

Data Analysis and Presentation

The data were examined by several healthcare workers who assessed weights and levels of kids who took part within the research. The particular previous results acquired in 2003-2004 had been selected at the beginning in order to find differences with this of the more years. The computations were conducted concerning every age team (of four) in order to make the results more precise plus accurate. The results from the research backed both hypothesis plus the reason for the particular study as the particular indexes of children’s weight and levels failed to change considerably.

The particular only important issue that was talked about in the papers is children’s dependancy to junk food plus other junk food that makes all of them weigh more (Bhadoria et al., 2015). This issue is prevalent in the usa of America to have an extended period (Ogden et al., 2014). Also, it will be necessary to mention that sociologists and various medical organizations are not able to eliminate the given issue for decades. The research does not appear to be practical because all of the results are even to those of earlier identical surveys (Ng et al., 2014). The authors recommend that the study results can end up being applied to evaluate the obtained info with that associated with the next many years and observe their own tendencies. I think that this acquired outcomes can be used to make the problem popular plus people more concerned about it. If the issue is long term, citizens from the country do not intend to change anything concerning obesity in their own children.

Conclusions and Ramifications

Indeed, conclusions of the discussed study associate to its initial purpose as these people summarize the common results gained along with the help associated with the planned research. Unfortunately, the writers decided to disregard the discussion of ramifications in the context associated with the article. It is necessary to mention that the outcomes and conclusion can impact scholars that will certainly organize further study concerning the problem associated with obesity. In their own conclusion section, the contributors to the function recommended people to adhere to healthy diets to prevent the chance of obesity within them and their own children. My overall assessment of the discussed study plus the article is that it needs more information and arguments concerning actions that might be beneficial to slow up the number associated with obese children within the USA.

In the opinion, the composing could be enhanced by explaining the reasons why modern young people gain more fat compared to previous generations. On the other hand, the written text is straightforward in addition to does not include any redundant details. Further research could be conducted on the particular subject of children’s obesity because the particular issue is continue to present. To help make the region healthier, you will need to add to the remedy of various health difficulties that make a negative impact on people’s longevity rate in addition to other demographical crawls that must get inherent in people of any wealthy nation.


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