Coconut Grove Vulnerable Population Assessment

Coconut Grove: Vulnerable Population Assessment

  • Coconut Grove is a neighborhood in the southern part of Miami Florida roughly constituted of twenty thousand people. There is a calm and relaxing atmosphere characterized by lush green lawns with tall, green trees. The well-marked and sufficiently maintained infrastructure is indicative of good living standards. It is a multicultural neighborhood as characterized by the presence of whites and Hispanics. The well-dressed residents and beautiful homes are an indication of mostly middle-income earners. However, there are homeless people in the streets who mostly look drunk and somewhat frail. This paper will discuss the prevalent health problem in this area, which a community health nurse can positively impact.

    Vulnerable Population Overview

    Homelessness is evident in Coconut Grove, as characterized by shabbily dressed people in the back streets. They usually look like habitual drugs and alcohol users. They look frail as well, a characteristic of malnourishment. The most likely cause of homelessness is unemployment. Without a source of income, these people have no way of paying their rent and bills. Living in the streets poses a challenge, especially in finding clean food and water (Buckley, 2012). The homeless usually take food from trash bins, and this predisposes them to diseases and even death. Alcohol affects the ability to make sound judgments. The fact that the homeless abuse alcohol predisposes them to risky behaviors that in turn lead to poor health outcomes.

    Strengths, Risk Factors, and/or Barriers

    Homelessness essentially takes its origins from elevated social gaps in addition to urbanization (Gillard, 2012). Poverty, withdrawal regarding family support, social isolation, failed federal government policies, as properly as substance dependency, are some considerable factors that lead to homelessness (Knox & McCarthy, 2012). These types of factors are remarkably resistant to basic social solutions. The particular homeless population is usually more predisposed in order to illnesses compared to encased population, despite the fact that the two populations are afflicted by the particular same spectrum when infections. Furthermore, these are more vulnerable in order to incidences of physical violence, sexual exploitation in addition to infectious diseases these kinds of as HIV, Hepatitis C, and Tisis. Despite their significant predisposition to health problems, they lack accessibility to preventive and first healthcare services (Jasinski, 2012). Furthermore, it is sometimes impossible to shift from medical sessions because of timing in addition to medical expenses. Seemingly, in order these folks get aligners are by means of the emergency section which often is usually expensive and unproductive.

    Neighborhood Assets

    The Florida Section of Health (FDOH) implemented an illness prevention control, since well as training homeless individuals about the significance of verification to reduce the speed of infection. Marketing Health in Destitute Shelters (PHHS) is actually a workgroup created simply by the department in order to work together with unexpected emergency shelter and transition housing providers in order to complete the duties above. The FDOH has additionally rolled out there a plan to teach its staff about TB management, that is further expanded to add the prevention regarding other communicable conditions. Additionally, the dotacion of other health care services such like oral health, diet, and mental well being improves the ability in order to deal with dangerous behavior such since drug abuse and vulnerable, unguarded, isolated, exposed, unshielded, at risk sex among the particular street dwellers.

    The South west Florida Medical Hold Corps (MRC) has a vital function in assisting the particular homeless during unfortunate occurances. They consist regarding lay personnel in addition to medical professionals who else assist in placing up special want shelters, medical treatment web sites, and managing devastation behavioral health. The particular homeless who acquire adversely afflicted with unfortunate occurances, therefore, find help from these companies. These measures work well but are not necessarily adequate for the particular homeless in California. Increasingly hard economical times ensures that the particular number of desolate people on the particular streets keeps about rising plus the establishments set forth to aid the homeless tension in managing all of them. The services supplied by these companies have gaps since they seem in order to focus more about treating the desolate temporarily, instead of having them out regarding the streets. A new rollout of modified protocols to aid the particular homeless get animal shelters and acquire careers is necessary in order to foster a considerable positive impact issues lives.

    Community Health Trouble Medical diagnosis

    According to this examination plus the healthy people young and old 2020 objectives, a new community health doctor can positively influence the public well being infrastructure. Any public well-being program like supervising of infectious conditions, injury prevention, in addition to immunization require specialist health personnel together with expertise in specialized and social supervision skills. In around a robust well being infrastructure depends about many organizations, open public health nurses have fun a vital function in public well being agencies, which usually are considered primary gamers in delivering open public health services.


    Coconut Grove, like any additional neighborhood, suffers their share of sociable challenges. Homelessness is usually prevalent, with the particular individuals being related with taking medications and adopting the particular risky behavior, together with respect to well being. These factors keep them predisposed in order to infectious diseases want Tuberculosis, HIV, in addition to Hepatitis C, amongst others. The California Department of Well being has already put out plans in order to tackle the void of homelessness by deploying sociable health workers in addition to collaborating with companies to dispense well being services within the roadways. The services, nevertheless , do not appear to handle homelessness effectively. The federal government, as a result, should put a lot more resources to control the particular homeless to control crime, disease frequency, and preventable fatalities.


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