College Experience And Bachelor Of Nursing Degree

College Experience and Bachelor of Nursing Degree

  • Background, Goals, and Aspirations

    The decision to enter a college to become a nurse was a turning point in my professional development. I have always wanted to promote well-being among vulnerable populations and encourage patient education, and the experience gained in college shaped me as a nurse. Although the studying process will be quite challenging, and I realize that the actual nursing experience is yet to be acquired, I am positively certain that my career objectives will be fulfilled respectively. Because associated with the opportunities connected with the medical practice, the understanding and skills in order to be gained in college are of big value to me personally like a future professional.


    The college will assist me gain a good insight into necessary nursing issues which a nurse should be aware. Furthermore, strategies plus methods for dealing with these concerns will certainly be studied once i start writing the coursework. As the result, an specific understanding of the importance of communication among nurses and between a patient and a nurse will be gained. In addition , researching contemporary nursing issues, in general, and the management of specific disorders, in particular, will show the value of a multicultural approach and the promotion of diversity in the nursing environment. The importance associated with considering a patient’s background when framing a nursing strategy to meeting their demands can hardly become overrated (Billings & Halstead, 2015).

    Therefore, I should provide the college credit score for offering me personally extensive opportunities with regard to conducting academic study and studying present nursing issues. Therefore, like a nurse, We will be capable to determine the requirements of community users appropriately and tackle them respectively actually in the environment that involves incredibly high diversity prices.


    Moreover, my college encounter will shed lots of light on the particular issue of schooling in nursing. Individual education must become deemed among the main goals to become fulfilled by a health professional, and, equipped along with the knowledge from college classes, I will be able to use available resources to build a basic patient education program. For instance, the adoption of modern communication tools and IT devices for encouraging the active knowledge acquisition among patients is one of the ideas that college experience may give me (Jeffreys, 2015). Thus, a steep rise in positive patient outcomes due to an improved process of patient-nurse communication and monitoring of a target population’s well-being can be attained.


    After attending college to prepare for doing the BSN course, I will become empowered to make a difference in the realm of nursing. I believe that new knowledge and skills will help me make a difference in the modern nursing environment by improving patient outcomes. I am certain that the college experience will make my pursuit of the particular BSN degree simpler. For instance, the study is most likely to become even more focused, and the goals will become clearly defined. Additionally , I presume that this college experience will certainly serve as the particular platform for interesting in lifelong studying and gain important information and capabilities to qualify with regard to a BSN.


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