Criminal Justice Process Felony Criminal Charge

Criminal Justice Method: Felony Criminal Fee


Offender justice process is a crucial judicial process that requires arrest, trial and even sentencing of criminal arrest offenders in typically the society. In typically the event an offender offence is involving high magnitude and even seriously affecting typically the lives of typically the community, it portions to felony. Generally, the judicial method begins with police arrest of an individual suspected of carrying out felony following research; then criminal costs are filed contrary to the offender. This will be accompanied by pretrial procedure and lastly the complete trial process. Within some cases, the particular judge may permit appeal within the reasonable time in case the suspect is found guilty of the particular offence. This papers will discuss the particular full judicial procedure for a criminal offence charge brought in order to their state court plus then give suggestions of any amendments necessary to associated with process more efficient.


Legal justice is the system and procedure of law adjustment that requires the court, lawyers, courts and even correctional institutions this sort of as the judiciary where criminal execute is investigated, busts are produced, evidence accumulated, trials are executed and sentences are made to ensure that social control is upheld to prevent and mitigate crime (Thigpen, 2012). Generally, criminal justice usually involves sanctioning of those criminals who violate the laws and regulations in the society and may result in criminal penalty and rehabilitation process to ensure that justice is provided to the offended person or individual (Panchyk, 2006). This paper will discuss the criminal justice procedure for a felony charge filed in a new court.

Criminal Justice Method

Felony justice product is the particular process that contains three main partitions like the legislative, the particular courts, and the particular corrections division. The particular legislative is actually a branch of the felony justice, which generally involves creation regarding laws (Dos Santos & Kassouf, 2013). The courts part is responsible for the adjudications and mostly involves the judges and lawyers. Lastly, the corrections division mainly consists of the prisons, jails, and even the probation. These three divisions of the criminal justice system usually work together under the law in order to help in maintenance of the control of law found in the society.

The primary aim of criminal rights in the modern society is to combat and stop crimes by means of police using the particular courts as well as other correctional agencies so as to guard individuals inside the modern society. Therefore, the felony justice product is generally responsible for improving good standards regarding conduct in typically the society by delivering justice through major and law-abiding implies. This helps in delivery of fair, balanced, and equitable justice to all in the process of protecting individuals’ rights in the society.

Felony Criminal Charge

A felony criminal charge is a very serious crime that normally attracts capital punishment or life imprisonment. A number of the felony criminal expenses include murder, rasurado, and even drug possession. Consequently , a lawbreaker justice process intended for a felony lawbreaker charge in the state court calls for some sort of lot of significance as a way to restore the law to the offended within the society. Within most cases, the convicted felons might face very severe consequences that could consist of prohibition by law through obtaining certain permit and even limitation from serving because jury among a number of other consequences.

This paper might discuss the method a felony offender charge filed throughout a state court docket will undergo throughout order to assure that justice is definitely done (Thigpen, 2012). This process involves arrest, pre-trial, tryout, not only that appeals.

Arrest Level

This kind of is the initial process that usually only occurs in case the crime is dedicated. However, in case the particular defendant desires to include the police along the way of bringing back again justice to your pet or her, law enforcement have to conduct thorough investigations ahead of the arrest is definitely made. This often starts with typically the law enforcement officers, especially the law enforcement officials starting the research process after these people have received information regarding an occurrence associated with criminal activity. Evidences are then acquired to ensure that will the authorities adhere in order to the rule associated with the criminal process as provided within the law. Almost all evidences must and even should always always be lawfully obtained; without a doubt, this collection involving evidences would not stop as the circumstance continues (Carr, 2012a).

Following collection of adequate evidences and typically the police are evidently convinced how the know has committed some sort of crime, legal specialists may proceed in order to arrest the believe and take your pet or her in to custody. In instances of probable trigger of felony, the particular legal authorities may use force to police arrest the suspect. Generally, the court’s participation in a situation usually starts right after the arrest if the defendant is in the custody of the children; indeed, the law enforcement officials must always make sure that the criminal will be brought before the particular court immediately or even inside an appropriate time period, usually within 25 hours after criminal arrest. For example, typically the criminal who is definitely arrested in typically the evening may always be instructed to appear ahead of the court throughout the morning typically the next day (Carr, 2012a). However, in case the arrest was built over a Friday nighttime, it can force typically the defendant to hang on until Monday to be able to appear before typically the court, since typically the court can not work in the course of weekends.

In cases involving felony criminals, conventional charges hearings are really just the original physical appearance of the accused in the court docket of law. Additionally , in felony felony offences, the authorities are usually required in order to include other regulation enforcement agencies at the same time of arresting the particular suspect, including the particular usage of force found in the arrest procedure in order in order to restore social purchase immediately to the particular public. Again, this is always crucial that at the same time regarding arresting the believe, the police as well as other law enforcement firms should adhere in order to the law in order to maintain peace and order in line with their mission and jurisdiction.

During preliminary and initial hearings, a bail maybe allowed and the defendant can get an opportunity to appoint a legal counsel to defend him or her (Carr, 2012a). In addition, the preliminary hearing can be used in the process of determining if the evidences presented as the reason for arrest are enough to bind the case to other judges (Carr, 2012a). The process then goes toward the grand tribunal where evidences are really investigated and when the defendant is usually indicted, formal fees can be read to be able to give room regarding him or the woman to protect if responsible delete word guilty.

Pretrial Period

In this article, many hearings in addition to conferences take spot in order to be able to plan for the demo. During these conferences in addition to hearings, the assess as well as the attorneys generally discuss the primary themes and subject matter of the last trial. Here, the particular duration that the particular trial will get may be talked about. Again, the sequestering of the court which involves things such as whether the court should be ruled out from family affects as well as the type associated with technology to utilize might be determined (Carr, 2012b). Therefore, the particular pretrial stage primarily involves various essential issues and concerns that the assess must decide just before the final demo begins. This may also contain issues like actions that suppress the particular hearings for example alter of venue regarding hearings and whether or not the defendant may have a plea good deal or not.

The request bargaining involves discussion which could occur in between the prosecutor in addition to the defense. For instance , there might end up being an agreement involving the prosecutor and the particular defense when a new defendant accepts that will he or the lady is guilty in addition to accepts to allow dismissal of some charges. In some cases, the felony criminal may also enter an agreement with the police during investigations in order to be allowed reduction in some charges that he or she might face in the court of law during the trial process. In such instances where there is a proper and considerate plea agreement between the prosecutor and the process defense, the trail process may not be allowed to continue taking place.

Trial Stage

This is where the final decision concerning the criminal charge is given and the disputes are settled as justice is administered to the two the parties engaged. In this level, there are several people engaged, including the appraise, the prosecutor, and even the defense legal professional. Here, the expert will help throughout giving criminal the law by applying the or her expertise in the method of administering the law to the afflicted parties using legitimate procedures and next offering and supplying concluding decision concerning the case at hand (Carr, 2012b). Again, in most cases, the jury will decide the case depending on the arguments that the parties will provide in the court of law during the hearings. In this case, the prosecutor will give evidences to ensure that the defendant is proved guilty or not guilty. In addition, it is the defense attorney’s duty in addition to responsibility to improve evidences to prove the particular prosecutor otherwise.

Furthermore, this is at this specific trial stage any time the defendant may be judged since either guilty delete word guilty. In many case like the particular felony criminal situation, the defendant typically has a directly to end up being tried with the court. This is since it does not take judge’s duty to find out whether the particular defendant is responsible or innocent. About the other palm, in jury demo, the only obligation of the assess is usually to preside above legal proceedings regarding the trial centered on the significant evidences by defendant. Besides, in the case opf trials given by simply the jury to be able to the defendant, typically the judge provides the accountability to ensure of which a good and fair trial is presented. Again, the family court judges in such circumstances also can ensure of which the trial method is impartial, typically the sentencing given is definitely appropriate and justice is delivered to be able to the two parties involved (US Department of Labor, 2012).

In the trial stage, the judges are always expected to be very fair, neutral, and well balanced in the process of protecting the rights of individuals in the society. Again, they are usually given the authority to ensure that rules are followed to the later; the verdict is given with strict and correct following of procedures; and rules as provided in the rule of law (Thigpen, 2012).

In case the defendant is found to be guilty, proper and correct punishment must and should be meted as provided in the particular rule of regulation. Again, it is usually the judge’s obligation and role to offer the most correct sentence in the event the particular defendant is deemed responsible. In this criminal offence criminal charge, it is crucial and clear the jury will get active in the delivery regarding the final demo (Thigpen, 2012).

Lastly, when the accused or even defendant is present to be responsible, the matter is usually delivered to the correct correctional authorities in order to complete the skin given. This may possibly involve taking the particular person to penitentiary to complete the type of punishment given inside in an attempt to prevent the particular possibility of concerning into further criminal offenses; hence, the approach of rehabilitating the particular criminal will start.

The Accused Constitutional Security

The check regarding rights within the metabolism provides and provide security to the accused in some cases. For example, the defendant has a right to counsel and ensures that an attorney represents the defendant; hence, he or she can appoint lawyers to help in defending charges (Carr, 2012a). In addition , the defendant also has the right to an impartial and public trial by the jury as provided in the constitution. Again, for proper criminal justice, the constitution also gives the defendant the right to his or her accusers.

Besides, the constitution protects the defendant and gives him or her, the right to compulsory process that gives him or her more defense ability in his or her charges. Lastly, the constitutional right protects the defendant from being prosecuted more than once for the same crime, hence giving them more protections (Dos Santos, & Kassouf, 2013). Furthermore, the constitution gives the defendant protection using exclusionary rule, which prevents the provisions of illegally acquired evidences to be used during trial of the cases.


In the process and practices of criminal justice system, the whole trial is usually whole of problems in addition to challenges due in order to some biasness in addition to discrimination (Carr, 2012b). Consequently , it is usually important that inside the process regarding provision of rights, many issues should be thought about in order regarding justice to get provided. For example, the particular punishment given inside kind of money need to be abolished inside order to guarantee that biasness is definitely reduced as individuals who have cash might just continue in order to commit crimes when they know that will the sole punishment they will will get is usually payment of great (Carr, 2012a). Once again, the time length that people consider ahead of the final common sense ought to be shortened in order to allow quick shipping and delivery of justice in order to the affected celebrations.

Ultimately yet importantly, typically the constitutional rights in the defendant to consider lawyers who at times delay and effect to failure regarding proper justice shipping and delivery should be altered and amended correctly. This is since the inclusion regarding lawyers always qualified prospects to an approach the location where the final selection by the family court judges is not centered on the rights and evidences supplied, but is centered on the power regarding the lawyer to be able to convince the the courtroom that his or perhaps her client is usually innocent (Dos Santos, & Kassouf, 2013). Finally, the tribunal should also end up being competent and proficient enough to guarantee justice is accomplished to each party.

Bottom line

This document has discussed typically the entire process regarding criminal justice shipping and delivery to get a felony felony charge in a state court including the arrest, pretrial charges, full trial and where necessary, the appeal. In addition , the constitution provides guidelines for the protection of defendant, by giving defendant protection rights that should be taken into consideration during the full judicial process. The judicial process needs to be effective in order to ensure all parties are accorded justice as provided for in the law. Therefore, competence and knowledge of judges, prosecution team, attorneys, and other court officials, as well as cooperation of all parties involved in the case at hand would be paramount.


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