Food Choices In Food Deserts Sociological Analysis

Food Choices within Food Deserts: Sociological Analysis

The selected study is centered on the particular investigation of factors affecting healthy dietary routines and the availability of healthy food with regard to individuals, using the writers conducting the research revealing that limited monetary resources remain the particular central problem related to so-called food deserts. Considering the exceptional significance of fresh items and their value to people, this proves the presence of a particular trouble in the ball that ought to be solved to be able to improve the fitness of typically the nation.

Defining food deserts as areas definately not traditional supermarkets abundant with various products, typically the authors emphasize the point that the there is usually no research concerning how people surviving in these areas look and what effect is definitely caused by typically the poor range of goods and lack regarding money that can certainly be spent to cover particular products. Consequently , the discussed review delves into typically the given issue in addition to concludes that found in some cities wherever food deserts might be found, regional stores do not necessarily have fresh manufacture.

Additionally, findings show of which regardless of typically the limited choice, typically the prices for accessible products are very much higher as compared to locations that are regarded rich in refreshing products. Having evaluated residents of typically the neighborhood selected regarding the study, typically the authors conclude of which price becomes the key factor impacting wherever and how usually they actually shopping. Folks who have automobiles or an possibility to head to additional areas prefer to be able to visit other food markets; yet , individuals together with limited finances endure from the shortage of choice in addition to fresh products. On such an approach, price becomes typically the central factor influencing people surviving in locations called food deserts and depriving these people of a possiblity to appreciate the healthy foods or even a diversity regarding products.

The functioning regarding the society may be described using different theories that usually are brought to determine typically the peculiarities of associations between individuals in addition to factors that precondition their actions. Realistic Choice theory is usually one of such frames that are created to describe typically the main features regarding society’s functioning. Typically the main notion of this specific model is of which all individuals constantly make choices of which rest on a new particular logic of which guarantees benefits to be able to them or of which minimizes the suggestions along with typically the maximization of end result.

Inside other words, just about all decisions made by simply individuals are identified by the present conditions that are really taken into bank account and processed to be able to ensure that the best option is picked. The central elements that stipulate intellectual processes are pleasure and benefit; without a doubt, people always work in ways of which make sure their present needs will end up being fulfilled that may effect in an elevated amount of happiness. Relating to the functioning regarding society, this assumptive framework is key to be able to the decision generating and creation regarding conditions that may help to increase the caliber of life in addition to create the foundation regarding further evolution.

For occasion, selecting among typically the existing selections for getting a particular fine, a person may consider available budget, the caliber of the picked product, its capacity to satisfy existing demands, and effects that will get achieved issue merchandise is bought.

The offered theory can end up being placed on the assessed article to identify people’s actions in addition to understand motifs regarding their choices. So, following the wise choice model, persons surviving in food deserts head to other locations to buy necessary products because that plays a part in the pleasure of these needs in addition to the good thing about this specific action can recompense losses. This common sense determines the realistic choice which is usually the central principle of the idea in addition to is used by simply sociologists or additional specialists while guessing a certain behavior or perhaps analyzing the situation to determine all factors impacting a certain sphere of social interaction.

At the same time, persons who do not have free money prefer not to travel to other areas of the city as it is also defined by the existing conditions. Besides, the need to save money to avoid extra spending and ensure that the will be no significant deterioration of the quality of life also plays a certain role in the process. Thus, the theory is important in analyzing the evolution of people’s demand as it provides the basis for speculations about the factors that stipulate choices and make people think in a certain way.

The analyzed paper utilizes specific research methods to collect data and process them to create the basis for the discussion and conclusion. First of all, investigators stated that they conducted an in-depth interview with 42 neighborhood residents. The primary aim was to collect data about food habits and peculiarities of their shopping patterns. The second method was the assessment of the selected neighborhood in Raleigh, N. C., that is officially determined as a food desert.

This study was focused on the analysis of the available products, their price, and how the difference between areas that are rich in fresh food. The adherence to the given research methodology has several advantages that preconditioned their choice. First, a literature review is a potent tool to conduct ethnographic or phenomenological research focused on the investigation of the peculiarities of people’s attitudes to a selected phenomenon or evolution of their views.

The collected data can be considered relevant and credible as it was obtained from a primary source. Another advantage of the literature review is the ability of an investigator to design questions that should be asked to interviewers to assess the most interesting issue and guarantee that all needed data is collected. However , this method is time-consuming as specialists have to create questions, blanks, and communicated with the participants. The assessment of the selected area also can be considered a potent tool to gather the needed information and conclude about a particular issue. However, it can also demand additional resources and time; moreover, there is the need to collect credible statistical facts that should be processed by the authors.

However, there is also an opportunity for additional research that will help to collect extra information about the problem of food deserts and people’s inability to buy the products that they demand. First of all, the general level of income of the population living in the investigated area can be determined. The selected tool will help to analyze the amount of money needed to buy demanded foods and improve the quality of life.

Moreover, this analysis will help to correlate particular shopping patterns and income of individuals who have no opportunity to move to other regions to buy fresh products. Finally, the assessment of the state of health using the statistical data related to this area can be conducted to determine if the poor access to fresh products has a negative impact on the state of health. In general, the utilization of the given combined approach helps to attain higher credibility and relevance levels.


Money, Not Access, Key to Resident Food Choices in ‘Food Deserts’

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