Gender Studies Feminine Men And Masculine Women

Gender Studies: Feminine Men and Masculine Women

  • Introduction

    Despite the emergence of feminist organizations and anti-discrimination laws, the world is dominated by men. There is still a long way to go for males and females to be equal in all aspects of life. Even though men and women are of the human species, they have many differences that are sure to interfere in the process. In order to appreciate these differences, it is vital to acquire a historical perspective on the matter and understand how women and men are perceived by society and how they view themselves.

    Main body

    During the last century, US society offers changed its sights about the part of the woman. Typically, women are seen as weak brainless creatures that may accomplish success only simply by getting married in order to a successful spouse. In The Assist, Stockett portrays almost all the female figures in the link club very stereotypically, given that they can just waste money plus spend their period on worthless actions.

    At the same time frame, women have the vital role within society: they provide up children plus ensure the comfort and ease and psychological wellbeing of all of the family users. However, the sights are shifting quickly, and women tend to be more often regarded because strong, independent, plus powerful. Lepore states Wonder Woman is usually the symbol associated with a fresh woman since the girl “has been battling for women’s privileges for a really long time” (7). In other terms, the angle of community is changing, plus women shall no longer be connected with their conventional roles.

    At the same period, women no more see themselves as moms, wives, and housekeepers. Today, women think that they are usually liberated to make their own own choices, plus they no more time depend on men. Just like Skeeter in The Help, modern women feel free to say and do what they believe is right. In other words, women want to take over the traditionally men’s role in society. However , since American society is still in a transformation period, women often find themselves playing all the roles, being the mother, the breadwinner of the family, the housekeeper, and the protector. Similar to Skeeter, women today often say, “I’d cry, if only I had the time to do it” (Stockett 414). The blurred lines between male and female roles have led to increased stress in women trying to achieve excellence by the men’s standards.

    The process is directly opposite of men since they are becoming weak and helpless. Traditionally, men are considered the primary source of income and defenders of all the family members. However, today men more often decide to give up working and start to pursue elusive dreams instead just like William Marston, who decided to let one of his wives become the breadwinner of the family (Lepore). Men often beat their children and spouses instead of protecting them from the dangers of the outside world, just like Leroy in The Help (Stockett 32). Therefore , modern society sees men as abusive, mindless, and arrogant human beings who are losing their virtues.

    Unlike women, males remain deluded by the idea of superiority over females. Men view themselves as dominant rational creatures, who are the primary driving force of progress. However, the reality is that lots of males are unable in order to support their family members and prepare dinner, producing them dependent on their female companions. The problem is that numerous men have resided to accept the particular new gender part, which causes the disturbance in the particular traditional social framework since men are usually becoming more womanly.


    The comparison of exactly how men and women are perceived simply by society and exactly how they view on their own demonstrates that presently there is an continuing distortion of sex roles in Us society. Women are usually becoming more manly, while men have a tendency to be even more feminine than typically perceived. Although feminism has a particular impact on the particular community, it really is barely the source from the problem. In Buddhist scriptures, it will be said that materials abundance weakens males, forcing women in order to defend themselves, instead of rely on the particular protection of their own husbands, fathers, plus brothers. Consequently , feminism is an organic process, even although it produces solid women and weak men. Even although the world will be still ruled simply by men, the evaluation shows that quickly it is going to no lengthier be the situation.

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