Generational Health And Fitness Business Plan

Generational Health and Fitness Business Plan

This business plan is prepared to provide details of the proposed business Generational Health and Fitness (GHF) which will operate in the fitness industry.

GHF will operate as an indoor cycling program provider to the local community. GHF will partner with the City of Seattle to operate out of Seattle Parks Recreation Centers. The objective of GHF is to increase fitness and health awareness and offer indoor cycling classes to individuals based on three different age groups including teenagers, adults, and older adults.

There are several companies offering similar indoor cycling programs in Seattle. It implies that there is intense competition in the market. The company will provide indoor cycling programs at a low price, which will be supervised by professional and trained instructors. Moreover, the company will focus on providing classes to teenagers and young adults.

The primary target customers are young individuals as GHF aims to provide an environment that will inspire them to have a love for exercise at an early age. GHF will also develop a mobile application that would allow members to record and monitor their progress in the program. This application will be available free of cost to all members.

The marketing plan will primarily focus on building partnerships with local businesses and organizations. GHF will distribute flyers and conduct open-day events to offer discounted memberships and free-trial classes. All these activities will be managed by the company’s sales and marketing team.

GHF will conduct its classes at Montlake Community Center (Seattle Parks and Recreation) on a local rental basis. It will certainly acquire 30 interior Keiser M3 bicycling bikes for all adults, thirty indoor Keiser M3 cycling bikes with regard to kids, bike pads, furniture, and gear to conduct the operations. GHF will certainly conduct eight changes with two courses for different age group groups in every shift.

GHF is likely to produce a profit within the second year right after incurring a monetary loss in the particular first year. This will require a good initial fund associated with approximately $143, 500. Moreover, the leave strategy is that will when the company incurs economic loss for consecutive three years, then it will cease its operations and sell the equipment to settle all financial obligations.

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