Gifted Students’ Attitude To Sciences In Singapore

Gifted Students’ Attitude to Sciences in Singapore

This piece of work is based on Imelda S. Caleon’s journal article, “ Attitudes Towards Science of Intellectually Gifted and Mainstream Upper Primary Students in Singapore” which was published on 11 October 2007. The target audience of the article is the teaching staff. The article expounds on the response or attitudes of gifted students towards sciences. The article also explores the low, average and above average students, thus illustrates a comparison between the two groups.

Overall, the author has succeeded to convince the reader regarding the attitudes of mainstream students towards sciences, and concludes that gifted students are better positioned to tackle sciences better than other groups of students. However, the author has diverted from main issue to some extent since has employed gender norms to approach the study.

The paper employs easy-to-understand language and is self-explanatory. In the introduction, it gives a clear overview of what the paper intends to cover as well as a summary of what we intend to find in the entire paper. The author manages to convince the reader about the glaring disparities of attitudes between the average and gifted students by studying a sample. However , he diverts from the real issues at hand when he starts discussing the topic through the gender perspective. This is a different topic. Besides that, the author fails to show why the gifted students also have negative attitudes because he does not give clear evidence.

The paper is significant because it gives the reader an overview of why different students with varying capabilities have different feelings or attitudes towards science. The significant of this is that it helps us understand why some students perform well and others perform poorly. It is important because it helps the reader understand how these differences can be eliminated and the effects of these attitudes towards the students and the society.

The author has succeeded to introduce the article to his audience in a captivating manner that tunes the reader to his line of thought. In fact, the introduction part of any literary work is quite significant since it the reader the first impression of the content presented by auth

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