Healthcare Technological Advancements Pros & Cons

Healthcare Technological Improvements: Pros & Disadvantages


Considering that the invention of typically the stethoscope in 1816, technology has ongoing to modify healthcare throughout a positive approach by enhancing and even expanding the functions of clinicians (Ramundo, 2012). The many varieties of technologies include transformed the approach modern nurses function. The technology furthermore progresses along along with nursing roles within the healthcare field. The advancement associated with technology could end up being the response to the particular myriad of difficulties facing the health care industry. These disadvantages include a lack of nurses, improved patient acuity, decreasing down reimbursement, plus raising costs. Individual satisfaction and high quality of life possess improved significantly because of to the effect of technology development in nursing. In addition , overall outcomes, like reduced clinical mistakes and paperwork, have got decreased significantly. Each one of these factors are items of technological developments of technology inside of and outside the particular field of medical.

Nowadays, new technologies inside the healthcare business are emerging in a significantly high price. As such, healthcare professionals have to acquire expertise and knowledge inside of a number involving complex technologies. With no a doubt, technological innovation in nursing has had about positive modifications in our industry. However, rns complain of not enough training and scientific hitches that have an effect on their work.

Some involving the innovations inside the nursing sector incorporate Point-of-Care Technology, Electronic digital Health Records, Robotics and Electronic Pick up Systems, Smart Bed frames.

Scientific Advancements and Their very own Positive aspects

Healthcare records include continued to boost due to technological innovation. The Electronic Health and fitness Record (EHR ) can be a digital record of your patient that is made up of information, such while a patient’s health and fitness history from a lot of locations, and/or options, such as hostipal wards, clinics, and general public health agencies (Huston, 2013). Computerized paperwork has been related to improved results inside nursing and much better patient outcomes. A good advantage of EHR is that this is available day and night and has a few built-in safeguards that will make sure that patient wellness information, confidentiality plus security are managed. The use associated with this technology furthermore makes sure that nurses find immediate access to the patient’s medical history. This also improves conversation between caregivers and offers flags and notifications, which prevents issues over prescriptions plus tests.

Electronic Lift Techniques and Smart Mattresses

These technologies have a good impact on improving the efficiency plus the safety of the daily routine in nursing. Since they are designed with remote controls, the lift systems have lowered workload, stress, and occurrences of injury to nurses and their patients.

Reduced stressed levels ensure that nurses provide better healthcare services to their patients.

In simple terms, Point-of-Care Technology consists of a family of devices and interventions connected “wirelessly” to each other. This implies that nurses can access and obtain an extensive range of data, including X-rays, for example, right at the patient’s bedside. The technology further enables the nurses to seek different opinions from other healthcare professionals from the patient’s bedside.

The Barcode Medication Administration

This technology is modern based on a computerized barcode system important in preventing human errors in prescriptions in addition to medications. The method then provides details on whether or not the medicine is correct or even wrong. This produces better patient protection because it may help nurses prevent mistakes with medicine prescription medications. This can be the last place where errors could be detected. Simply by using this technologies, administration no much longer relies only generally on workers since computers took more than most of the particular risky tasks included.

Down sides

A single of the major disadvantages of technologies in nursing is usually the requirement of more training. Novice nursing staff are overwhelmed simply by the technological specifications involved in qualified for their sufferers (Cater et ‘s., 2008). In such instances, technologies tends to embrace their workload instead of helping in reducing the number of work involved.

Another mistake of technology is the fact that a lot regarding time is necessary for your initial entry of the details of a new patient compared to the regular paper-based charts. In addition, they may require a higher degree of customization with respect to a particular healthcare facility or the level of patients.

The issues of cost, implementation and maintenance serve as other obstacles to the adoption of technology in hospitals. Various studies have documented these costs and realized the huge costs involved (Agrawal, 2002).

In some instances, technology may produce data inconsistencies. This effect is felt when implementing the Point-of-Care Technology. This eventually leads to time wastage and heavy costs. Security and privacy challenges are normal with the adoption of technology. Sensitive and confident private patient information can be accessible to hackers when the appropriate protection measures aren’t implemented.


This analysis shows that technologies have got transformed the accessibility of healthcare providers in hospitals in addition to other healthcare amenities. The advancement regarding technology will be the response to various problems that affect typically the healthcare industry. Regarding example, nursing crisis, high patient aesthetics, low reimbursement in addition to changing costs will be being solved applying technologies. Technology in addition has increased patient pleasure and quality regarding life.

Evidently, every fine system has its own imperfections. However, whenever typically the benefits outweigh typically the losses, the method has to be embraced. As a result, we recommend that hospitals keep on embracing new technology that advertise to increase service delivery.


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