International Human Resource Management Challenges

International Human Resource Management Challenges

Career management model

The work environment is constantly changing due to various factors. Some of the factors which contribute to changes in the work environment include changes in technology and technical professionals, and the need for innovations and inventions in organizations. It is for these reasons that managers and professionals need to come up with ways to manage their careers. This poses challenges to the managers since the traditional approaches of career management shall no longer be effective (Werner, 2012).

In managing your career, individuals deal with several decisions which often they are meant to help make in the approach. It truly is for this specific reason that a new career management type have been developed thus as to aid individuals manage their particular careers properly. The particular model gives the particular individual an best process to control their particular careers (Werner, 2012).

The positive effect has stimulated the particular need for services to produce a supervision model that may help them guideline their employees inside managing their profession. In the event that an employee appropriately manages his profession, he may have increased performance and the particular same is going to be mirrored in the company performance. The organization’s performance gives the particular companies an aggressive edge over their particular rivals.

A suitable career growth model is a single that fulfils private goals, creates job balance along with achieving the organizational goals (Riusala & Suutari, 2000). The model should, therefore, begin with setting the goals that the organization wishes to fulfil. The goals should be short term, intermediate as well as long term (Sims, 2007). It is vital to note that the value of human capital is becoming increasingly popular. Organizations are using the value of human capital to gain a competitive advantage. The model should, therefore, help improve the value of these resources.

ABC is a multinational company that is based in the. It has a new subsidiary in Asia where it offers directed employees through the US ALL to work on the subsidiary as expatriates. At the equivalent time, the firm has additionally hired Western employees. This segment presents an auto dvd unit that will the company uses to manage their employees.

The career management follows four major steps. The first step is the identification of ones own information. The employee should understand information about himself. Among the information, that the individual should gather includes the things that he or she enjoys doing, his or her talent, as well as how work is important in their life. This stage is referred to as the assessment stage or the career exploration stage (Greenhaus, 2010).

The second step is carrying out research regarding the job. This is where one should find information on what alternative jobs are available in and outside the organization (Greenhaus, 2010). They should know what exactly the position of a manager and also the position they will be taking is dependable for and just what will be the salary predicted through the job. A single should identify leads and may likewise carry out informative interviews. ABC staff should look regarding the opportunities of which are interesting with them both in typically the US and Asia.

Kinds they are by means of with these, they will can now help to make a decision about what job they want to take and set the goals they want to achieve. The goals set by individuals should be in line with organizational goals (Johns Hopkins University, 2010). They should then take action in the next step that will lead them to achieve the goals set. They can take action that will lead them to secure an interview for the job so that he can achieve the goals set. They may decide on whether or not to take the task or reject that.

Typically the final step involves readjustment or changeover. Here, the workers will regroup on their own. ABC employees will certainly be required in order to work in a brand new environment and for that reason these people should adjust in order to the brand new culture.


International administration is faced simply by a quantity of challenges which usually hinders its overall performance. The very first key problem is how in order to integrate host nation managers in to the administration of the company’s subsidiaries company. The united states and Japan have different cultures, and therefore the management procedures changes. This postures an issue to typically the managers since they consider to adapt to be able to the modern management types (Perkins & Shortland, 2006).

One other challenge of which the model can face is typically the cultural difference. This kind of will include distinct languages employed by typically the two countries. Employees will also need different beliefs, rules and taboos (Sparrow, 2008). This could slow down their performance in the event that the differences are certainly not well managed (Bjorkman & Stahl, 2006).

Hofstede’s cultural dimension may be used to explain how social differences affect multinational organizations. This will be a dimension that will gives an explanation from the effects that will culture has about its members mainly because well as the particular way these ideals relate to human being behaviour. The framework used in this particular model is derived from element analysis. This concept is extremely useful when carrying out there research especially cross-cultural psychology as good as in worldwide management (Luger, 2009).

The particular theory gives 4 dimensions that clarify cultural differences. The particular first one is definitely the individualism- association dimension the other one particular is the concern avoidance dimension, along with the third one is definitely the energy distance aspect and then the masculinity-femininityy dimension (Johann, 2008).


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