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International Marketing: Particular View


When I seemed to be enrolled to follow a program in cosmopolitan marketing, I considered the knowledge probably would not be usable right up until I am applied. Yet , that features not been typically the case as My partner and i have found the study course applicable in my personal daily life. Contrary to earlier days, while i could ignore things to do using business, I at the moment analyze interactions by a critical standpoint. Whenever an intercontinental company launches some sort of campaign, or when the corporation intends to be able to open a fresh retail outlet, I find myself personally having the fascination of knowing typically the cause of their alternative of the positioning involving their new retail outlet. In the beginning semesters of analysis, I can attend typically the international marketing instructional classes and seminars intended for the sake involving it, but these days, There are developed the obsession to notice all the talks with the target of attaining many knowledge. Essentially, My partner and i have gained many learning that features expanded my deductive and behavioral expertise in the study involving international marketing. My partner and i is very hopeful that the training and skills obtained will play some sort of significant role throughout enhancing my prospect employability, as reviewed in this report.

Mastering gained from typically the study of intercontinental advertising and marketing

The initial thing I mastered in this particular course seemed to be the existence involving traditional and intercontinental markets. While typical marketing aimed at getting the local buyers, global marketing purposed to go most the customers around the globe. Typically the international managers include the obligation involving adhering to typically the international policies to make certain their businesses run smoothly (Kotabe & Kristiaan 2004). At that point, I gained a great understanding of the commonly discussed globalization issue. I came to understand that international marketing, international trade, and globalization are interdependent. One topic that captured my attention is the strategy of China and India. China does not spare any business opportunity in developing nations. The country is manufacturing almost everything, and its products are considerably cheap. Since the developing nations comprise of individuals who are price-sensitive, they opt to purchase China products that are much cheap as compared to high-quality products from other countries. Honestly, international businesses with branches in the developing nations are facing stiff competition from the manufacturers in China and India despite their effort to market their products.

Some units in the international management course emphasized the new market entry strategies. Indeed, I realized that global business managers do not open or stock stores recklessly. They have to take a rigorous analysis of the culture and living standards of their target market. I can remember visiting one of the Wal-Mart stores that were located in the affluent suburbs and another one that was found in the central business district. The two Wal-Mart stores had different items. I came to understand that the one located in the affluent suburbs targeted the high-class individuals who mind more of the quality than the quantity or the price of the products. The store located in the central business district targeted the middle-class and the low-class families who are sensitive to the cost and quantity. Therefore , as an international manager, it is essential to study the target customers and their behaviors. As much as one would market all the products offered by a given global market, it would be wise to make a rigorous analysis of the target customer before deciding on the items to stock in a given store.

My cross-cultural knowledge is another aspect that was enhanced by the international marketing classes and seminars. In my study of global consumers, I came to realize that the cultural environment influences consumer behavior (Akaka, Vargo & Lusch 2013). Moreover, the marketing strategies that seem to work in one country may not be efficient in other countries. I remember, at one point, when I was privileged to attend a seminar, that attendees came from different regions in the world. Every attendee was given an opportunity to provide some sort of brief overview involving what is regarded as a right or perhaps wrong business venture marketing approach in his or perhaps her nations. I got surprised to be aware that some places are generally not very hoping on the web based advertising and marketing strategies employed by simply international businesses. On some under developed international locations where people carry out not have typically the culture of employing the internet, it could be useless to make investments in web marketing involving the products and even services are available in some sort of business outlet as being the advert would certainly not reach the planned customers (Kotabe & Kristiaan 2004). In addition, I noted of which the deficiency of cross-cultural knowledge would prospect to some kind of misunderstanding, while managers will get it challenging to deal with the workforce with their global companies.

The enterprisinggo-getting, gumptious, pioneering, up-and-coming marketing topic highlighted the principle involving international branding. Fundamentally, a major international company have to continue to work hard to assure that its model is recognized plus its readily accepted inside the global market. My partner and i learned that advertising and marketing plays an important role to promote typically the brand name of your company as effectively as the company’s products. However, in terms of competing with appearing markets like Cina and India, it could be wise to make use of a pricing approach.

Some sort of marketer should be some sort of very confident one who knows how to be able to express ideas throughout a persuasive fashion (Akaka, Vargo & Lusch 2013). I can admit that cosmopolitan marketing classes and even seminar presentations played out a significant position in enhancing my personal personality skills. My partner and i was capable of carry out away with my personal naivety, and My partner and i can now frontward my opinions in the comfortable manner. I am able to assess difficult conditions and find alternatives to the difficulties throughout a diplomatic approach. I can swiftly raise critics involving a controversial theme on international advertising and marketing with enough self confidence to support my personal concern. Essentially, it is one of my personal most outstanding successes web site can go walking into any business office and speak to virtually any person regardless involving her or his highly placed position.

How a learning motivated my analytical and even behavioral skills

As stated before, I got enrollment to pursue some sort of course in cosmopolitan marketing with typically the perception that typically the knowledge gained would likely become usable if I secure work. However, the mastering that we gained throughout the system features dramatically changed my personal behavioral skills. Inside of every meeting that we attend, I become if I are a chief cosmopolitan marketing officer involving some multinational firm. There are developed some sort of habit of hoping to go to seminars of which discuss issues to be able to do with international management. I arrived at appreciate the courses that bring some sort of practical review of precisely what is learned in the lecture. Sometimes, I include the courage to be able to face business professionals and inquiring concerning their intention of experiencing global marketers. At the moment, my behavioral expertise resemble those involving a major international manager, and even I always feel that I can make one inside of the future.

I include gained excellent deductive skills that can certainly enable me to be able to assess an organization and determine it is position and markets share in typically the international market. In the course of the seminars, typically the speakers could designate time for talks, where every class had an knowledgeable global marketer intended for a mentor. My partner and i have to declare how the discussion teams always turned straight into mentorship programs. My partner and i was able to be able to enhance my interaction skills as effectively as my important analysis skills. Typically the mentors would concern us with many difficult business situations, each group associate would analyze the situation from the various perspective. As individuals presented their factors, I could vitally examine each associated with the issues plus challenge them inside one way or another. I could put myself into some other people’s shoes plus try to realize their perceptions on a topic. Essentially, the seminars, and especially the mentored team discussions, played the significant role within enhancing my synthetic and behavioral skills. I believe that this skills gained will play a significant part within my professional career and my individual life.

How the studying, analytical and behavior skills will assist within my future employability

First of all, I am grateful to the organizers associated with the seminars that exposed me to my potential employees. I possess developed an useful summary of the functions and responsibilities associated with an international supervisor, which I preserve on researching upon a daily foundation. I am a global thinker when it comes to issues dealing with advertising. I could firmly claim which i have almost all the confidence to defend my career. The level associated with confidence which i have is attributed to the skills and understanding gained in the international marketing courses as well as the seminars. We are confident that I have the competitive advantage in case I have to contend for a job position. We have excellent knowledge of the global tradition and political environment. I possess developed the habit of becoming informed from the current global issues that impact businesses in one approach or another.

Moreover, I possess always kept in touch with the global market research institutions exactly where I obtain up-dates on the worldwide market behaviors. I possess developed a good attitude towards the career, and We are very ready to join the team of global managers. I aim in obtaining a full-time employment opportunity after completing my degree within international marketing. In fact , I am humbled to express tha recently met a global marketer who offered me an internship opportunity at the commencement of my holidays. That will mark one of the most effective options for me to explore international markets and consumer behaviors. I will have a chance to work hand in hand with my potential employer and put all the lessons learned in class into practice. Finally, with the eloquent credentials that I possess, I believe that employers will be pleased to have me join their team of employees. I am very optimistic that the learning, analytical and behavioral skills will play a significant role in enhancing my future employability.


I certainly give my tribute to my lecturers, who portrayed a high level of professionalism in their teaching style. They have a positive influence on the interest that I have in studying international marketing, and most importantly, they are molding me to become a competent employee in the future. My urge to all the students who are undertaking a course in international marketing is that they should purpose to have the most significant level of interest in the system. Global marketing is an exciting course that enables one to have a great understanding of all the happenings in businesses across the globe.


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