Management Power, Authority, And Influence

Management: Power, Authority, and Influence

The source of power and authority within an organization depends on certain structural conditions. A form of “dependency” always exists in every company or organization. After taking the recommended test, I have observed that I is constantly “gaining power and information” at my workplace. I have always worked hard in order to be “proficient”.

It is also my responsibility to take new initiatives and express my views to my workmates. This explains why it is my duty to support my organization. It is also my obligation to generate new activities and ideas in order to make the organization successful. I am always ready to upgrade my knowledge and skills.

It is appropriate for every company to ensure its employees focus on the targeted goals. As an employee, I always work hard to achieve such organizational. Every employee in an organization should work “smart”. This strategy is critical because it ensures every employee focuses on the organization’s mission and goals. I rarely reward my friends and workmates even after agreeing with me.

I consider it appropriate to encourage my workmates and friends. This initiative encourages my friends to work harder in order to achieve their targeted objectives. I always use a “straightforward approach” to address any issue or problem at the workplace.

It is unethical to use “demands or threats” to impose one’s expectations or will on the other employees. However , I find it hard to bargain with any individual who puts unnecessary pressure or demands on me.

The other important thing is about my “roles” in the organization. I always encourage my superiors to make the best decisions. My duty is to inform them about my decisions and expectations for the company.

However, I rarely convince my superiors about the compatibility of the importance of my goals. The best thing is to be part of the decision-making and problem-solving processes. It is also my duty as an employee to ensure the organization realizes its goals and objectives.

From the above discussion, it is quite clear that my power and influence at the workplace arises from my “personal and organizational rewards”. French and Raven’s model presents six key sources or “bases” of power. The second source of influence is “reward power”. This “source” explains how an organization gives “desirable things” to its employees.

As well, the power describes the ability to “decrease” the things that are not needed by the employees. According to French and Raven’s model, rewards make it easier for human beings to accomplish their goals. Another model is known as “Power-Dependence Theory” focuses on how leaders and managers can use the concept of “reward power” to mentor and encourage their employees.

It is necessary for every person to focus on his or her personal goals. This practice is what gives me the opportunity to realize my personal and career goals. I always address every issue that might affect my workplace. My personal goal is to realize my potentials and make my workplace successful. The important thing is to have an “intrinsic force” or “personal drive”.

My “personal inspiration” has always encouraged me to work in order in order to emerge successfully. There are different sources of power that might affect a person’s position in an organization. In conclusion, I str

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