Moreno Medical Center’s Financial Performance

Moreno Medical Center’s Financial Performance

  • Nowadays, financial analysis screens the effectiveness plus helps the organization or organization stay competing (Sebe-Yeboah & Mensah, 2014). In the framework of this article, it is essential to understand the significance of different proportions when interpreting the firm’s operations by using a good example of Atezado Medical Center as well as financial spreadsheets plus indicators. Alternatively, this particular analysis will furthermore assist in developing numerous tactics, which may help interpret the outcomes and design strategies to enhance company’s effectiveness and optimize the financial performance. Ultimately, the benefits associated with benchmarking are decided with the support of examples associated with the compliance associated with the depicted KPIs and industry requirements while identifying the benefits.

    Analysis of Variances

    In the first place, it is crucial to conduct the analysis of the financial ratios associated with Moreno Medical Center. Consequently, Figure one depicts the primary outcomes and compares them with the typical standards in the industry.

    Table 1 . Ratio analysis (Moreno Medical Center: Stability sheet, 2013; Atezado Medical Center: Interim statement of earnings, 2013; Moreno Medical Center: Statement of cash flows, 2013; Sheps, 2015).

    The current ratio measures regardless of whether the company may cover its liabilities and decrease the number of the present debt (Delen, Kuzey, & Uyar, 2013). It identifies firm’s liquidity, and having the value over 1 signifies growth (Delen et al., 2013). As for Atezado Medical Center, it offers a higher price than the typical trends in the industry, but it does not guarantee that the organization offers its profits maximized. In turn, the quick ratio accesses the organizational liquidity in short-run whilst paying vehement interest only to the property from the company, which usually can be converted into cash rapidly (Delen et al., 2013). In this example, the value greater than one implies that the firm complies with widely approved financial principles associated with liquidity. In this particular case, Moreno surpasses the industrial requirements, also it signifies that the company offers a well-balanced circulation of cash.

    Nonetheless, in spite of high values within liquidity ratios, the total margin (1%) and ROE (1%) tend to possess low rates. Inside this case, the entire margin is the primary KPI, which usually is utilized to evaluate company’s profitability (Delen et al., 2013). In turn, ROE depicts the actual return of the overall revenues upon the financial sources invested by the shareholders from the organization (Delen et ing., 2013). Speaking of Atezado Medical Center, the analysis of the results reveals that the firm offers high liquidity rates but low success percentages. In this instance, Determine 1 depicts that the company experienced unstable net earnings during 2013, because it experienced major fluctuations, which experienced an adverse impact on the overall success from the company. Feasible causes of the existing gap between liquidity and profitability might be known the insufficient planning plus budgeting and inadequate distribution from the operating capital (Bolek, 2013).

    Based on the analyses conducted above, computing actual expenses variances and looking at them with the budgeting plan could be viewed as the next step. Within this case, it is going to reveal the gaps in the cost management processes of the firm and help design the strategy to enhance the effectiveness of financial planning. Table 2 presents an assessment from the selected ideals. Manually computed variance of costs shows that the majority of the projections might be viewed while correct. Nonetheless, the statements from the costs such as the expenses on suppliers (-1%) and devaluation (-20%) were glossed over. This mistake within projections created misunderstandings in cash circulation while questioning the effectiveness of the selected budgeting methods and priorities. This particular matter might be viewed as a main reason behind a lower return on expense as well as the inability associated with the company to meet organizational requirements and median ideals.

    Table 2. Variance comparison (Moreno Medical Center: Operating budget projections, 2013; Moreno Medical Center: Operating variance statement, 2013).

    Tactics to Align Actual Results to Spending budget

    To minimize the event from the similar errors in future, the organization can use numerous techniques to make sure that the specific outcomes meet the cost management projections. In the first place, one of the potential solutions, that will have a good impact around the success of the organization is focusing upon the optimization associated with the revenues. These days, the employees would be the vital contributors to the overall financial wealth and stability from the business (Elnaga & Emran, 2013).

    Consequently, investing in their training plus quality control techniques will generate the faster return upon investment and aid in increasing the operating income (Elnaga & Emran, 2013). Simultaneously, changing the company’s perception from the significance of the patient-centered approach will certainly have a beneficial impact on building relying relationships with typically the customers and enhance their retention (Epstain & Street, 2011). Overall, a variety of these kinds of techniques could have a great advantageous influence on typically the performance in the health care center. Simultaneously, making the most of profits will enhance the number of available price range for the investment decision in R& M, training, and advancement.

    One more strategy, to help satisfy the estimated expenditures, is reviewing typically the contracts with typically the suppliers. In this specific instance, the business owners of the organization can decrease typically the associated costs although assessing the choices available in typically the market. This plan may not only aid minimize the deviation involving the actual in addition to projected costs nevertheless also raise the company’s flexibility for the industry changes. In addition , typically the medical center could also review the rules from the budgeting in addition to decision-making frameworks. Regarding example, it could reevaluate and redesign their financial ways to estimate depreciation and retirement, as it had been your expenditure together with the major deviation. Despite a special characteristics of the recommended tactics, they have got to be used at the same time to enhance spending budget strategy and firm’s financial performance.

    Benefits regarding Benchmarking

    The truth of Quemado The hospital revealed of which the role regarding benchmarking should not be under estimated, as it is usually one of the main instruments to be able to monitor the firm’s progress. Despite possessing issues with earnings, the case business could possibly be viewed like a bright illustration since it surely could take advantage regarding benchmarking and raise its liquidity percentages. This matter implies that Moreno Medical related Center can continue to be its market reveal while covering their liabilities.

    Alternatively, benchmarking helps in improving typically the company’s competitive border and quality specifications, determining a way, and taking edge of industry traits. In the earlier, this approach aided Xerox to cut down its production charges and maximize their processes (Ettorchi-Tardy, Levif, & Michel, 2012). Alternatively, this technique was actively utilized in France to be able to encourage innovation in addition to cultivate company’s progress in the health care sector (Ettorchi-Tardy ou al., 2012). Therefore, Moreno Medical Centre has to employ this00 strategy, as that may help improve their budgeting processes, raise its revenues, in addition to enlarge its industry share.


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