Motivation, Leadership, Teamwork In Operational Enhancement

Motivation, Leadership, Teamwork in Operational Enhancement

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    Theoretical knowledge related to the efficient performance of the organization is important because it serves as a basis for future actions performed in the real life. In this work, three articles that consider particular concepts relevant for operational enhancement are discussed. The information provided by their authors is outlined and reconsidered to develop a way of performance improvement that can be successfully maintained in the real world. The concepts of motivation, leadership, and teamwork are used.


    The efficient performance of any organization depends on various aspects, including decent motivation, leadership, group creation, and teamwork. In order to find out how a company can enhance its operations and improve its current state, it should be considered both theoretically and in the framework of real life. Thus, the information taken from the newspaper articles that relate to the mentioned theoretical concepts should be discussed and used as a source for personal reflections.


    The article printed in the Globe and Mail that was prepared by Harvey Schachter (2013) is focused on employee motivation. In his work, the author pays attention to the fact that a lot of managers believe that they can motivate the workers only with the help of money while others underline only the value of appreciation and recognition. Harvey Schachter shatters such illusions and explains the process of motivating employees as a multidimensional one, referring to the words of the well-known psychological researcher. The top ten motivators and five clusters of workers (based on the way they want to be motivated) are described according to Ilona Jerabek’s testing.

    It can be claimed with no doubts that the article summarized above relates to the theoretical concept of motivation. It explains people’s behavior, pointing out their connection to personal desires and needs. Understanding motivation is critical for employers and managers because they are the ones who should be able to make the workers perform their duties decently and willingly. The concept of motivation is often discussed along with the Maslow’s Pyramid, as it describes what is more important for the employees, identifying in this way the main motivators.

    A part of these motivators was used by Ilona Jerabek in her testing so that Harvey Schachter received an opportunity to discuss them. For example, it is mentioned that the most common group of employees, which is known as trailblazers, is mainly focused on the possibility to influence others and leave a mark that deals with the need for esteem.

    If some organization has some issues with employee motivation and is willing to improve the current state, it can refer to this article and the work of the psychological researcher, which was used as a basis in order to receive a guideline. It can conduct research to define what motivators are mainly valued by employees and to find out to what cluster they belong to use this information when identifying the most effective and efficient ways of motivating.


    One of the writers of The Daily News created the article, which describes what one needs to become an effective leader. In her work, Catey Mountain (2009) highlights the particular practices managers in addition to other employees who else hold positions that need leadership skills need to master. The creator claims that just a few folks are born since great leaders although others must job extensively to get types. She names of sixteen practices and clarifies each. Hill addresses about commitment, private assessment, and knowing of the method you are perceived simply by others, etc.

    Taking almost everything mentioned into thing to consider, it can end up being claimed that this specific article handles the particular theoretical idea of command. It targets the particular way one particular person impacts others together with the make an effort to satisfy organizational goals in addition to presupposes a specific method of interacting together with the followers. This is critical in order to understand that leadership is usually not only just how people communicate in addition to transfer some details and orders but in addition one’s skills, information, attributes, and qualities.

    Mountain pays much focus on all these matters and develops the particular practices that supply an opportunity in order to control and increase every one of them. Thus, the particular article is dependent on the particular theoretical information that will is related in order to the idea of leadership. The lady claims that the particular leader ought to know just what traits the girls beliefs the most in addition to develop vision in addition to goals. One is usually to further improve the information and skills connected to working habits, organization, and market, etc.

    Hill encourages market leaders to learn just how to communicate much better and grow their information in the ball if they need to enhance the present state in the corporation. She also recommends taking into thing to consider situational leadership inside order to build a leadership type that can deliver one of the most benefit in order to the particular staff.

    Types and Team-work

    Brett Ryder (2016) pays very much attention to just how people are functioning in teams. Inside his article which was published in The particular Economist newspaper, the particular author discusses the particular fashion for groups and claims that will cross-disciplinary ones come to be the most successful. Teams are usually believed to get in a position to reach innovative and extraordinary final results which can be highly appreciated now. Still, Ryder says that several scientists underline the particular possibility of dilemma, delays, and additional issues linked to the particular teamwork. Thus, he or she claims that the particular organization is in order to make sure that will teams are the particular best tools for the operations at primary. They should take into account team-building skills in addition to management opportunities.

    When functioning in teams, staff have personal tasks, performing in which often they cooperate in addition to accomplish organizational projects. Efficient teamwork ensures the standard of the performed work and their benefit towards the business. The article handles the concepts regarding groups and team-work, as it concentrates on the kinds of the particular teams, how they function and are maintained, their advantages in addition to disadvantages for your corporation. The views regarding scientists within the team-work and their benefit for the business are taken directly into consideration.

    The author thinks that profound adjustments can improve weak team performance in addition to make it less difficult to work together with them and organize their actions. A lot attention should end up being paid towards the method teams are handled. He encourages the particular leaders to produce a strong common culture plus give some period for that alteration in order to bring positive results.


    3 reflections mentioned within this work explain three different ideas and are produced based on different content articles prepared by various writers. Still, they have got much in accordance. These types of reflections concentrate on the particular things that are usually critical for any business, specifically for those that will work in the particular sphere of company and finance. These people show what will be required to make the particular company improve the performance within the real-life according to the particular theoretical information plus scientists’ experience. The particular reflections follow the particular same pattern plus can be utilized when planning organizational modify, because they refer in order to the authoritative resource, include explanations plus personal considerations.


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