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Nurses’ Work-Life Balance and Patient Safety

Background of Study

The clinical problem of the study can be introduced with the help of the PICOT question. For the study by Estryn-Behar, Van der Heijden, and the NEXT Study Group (2012), it will be as follows. In healthcare employees, do 12-hour shifts compared to 8-hour shifts have an impact on nurses’ fatigue, health, satisfaction, work/family balance, and patient safety, in a year period.

PICOT question/statement

  • P: In healthcare employees
  • I: do 12-hour shifts
  • C: compared to 8-hour shifts
  • O: have an impact on nurses’ fatigue, health, satisfaction, work/family balance, and patient safety,
  • T: in a year period.
  • P: In healthcare employees
  • I: do 12-hour shifts
  • C: compared to 8-hour shifts
  • O: have an impact on nurses’ fatigue, health, satisfaction, work/family balance, and patient safety,
  • T: in a year period.
  • The research problem is to reveal the connection between the work schedule and work/family balance, health, and patient safety. It will help to develop efficient work schedule practices and thus provide nurses’ job satisfaction and increase patients’ safety.

    The issue of nurses working longer shifts and patient safety has already been reviewed in many researches. For example, Liu (2012) investigated the association between nurse workload and nurse-sensitive patient safety outcome indicators; de Magalhaes, Dall’Agnol, and Marck (2013) studied nursing workload and patient safety; Welp, Meier, and Manser (2015) dedicated their research to emotional exhaustion and workload as predictors of clinician-rated and objective patient safety.

    The significance of the current study is in the analysis of 12-hour shifts which are gaining popularity because of the increased employee fulfillment “with working hrs and free time” (Estryn-Behar et ‘s., 2012, p. 4283). However, recent analysis proves that 12-hour shifts influence nurses’ fatigue and well being thus threatening sufferer safety.

    The purpose regarding the study is always to conduct an extra multivariate analysis in order to reveal the effect of work plan on work/family equilibrium, health, and sufferer safety, “after realignment for various chance factors” (Estryn-Behar ou al., 2012, l. 4283).

    The research concerns could be formulated since follows:

  • Carry out work schedules effect work/family balance?
  • Do job schedules and job content have a great impact on employees’ health?
  • What are the particular determinants to a family event in addition to personal satisfaction?
  • What will be the determinants regarding health and protection?
  • Just what are the determinants for stability within the job?
  • I assume the purpose in addition to research questions usually are linked to the trouble under consideration.

    Methods regarding Examine

    The following study staff involved participants coming from various healthcare establishments in ten nations around the world across Europe. In order to consider the chance of achievable refusal in contribution, the researchers approached the institutions (hospitals, nursing homes, in addition to home care) straight to reach both staff and employers and have their agreement for your participation. Moreover, the particular participants received pre-paid envelopes to stay away from refusal because regarding financial issues. Right now there is no info with regards to the informed agreement through the participants or even institutional review panel approval, but the particular agreement for your contribution was from business employers and employees. Right now there is no facts of any observance concerning participation. Hence, it is probable to conclude that will the employees took part in in the review voluntarily.

    The analysis comprised twenty explanatory factors. The variables had been used as indications for a few research problems. Thus, variables regarding personal risk elements included “age; eldership elders; gender; occupational stage; personal-family situation; good enough child care any time at work; fulfillment with pay” (Estryn-Behar et al., spring 2012, p. 4284).

    The factors concerning working circumstances included ” Getting pleased with staff handovers when shifts alter; Being confronted together with not knowing exactly what a patient or a new patient’s family really need to be informed about the patient’s condition and their treatment; Have sufficient distractions and disturbances inside the job; ” etc. (Estryn-Behar ou al., 2012, l. 4284). The content will not contain in depth definitions for and then variables because they will were published inside the previous journals in the researchers.

    It this specific study, the info was collected by means of the written customer survey which was delivered towards the researchers simply by post. The creators failed to provide any kind of rationale for applying this data selection method. The timeframe regarding data collection is usually not identified.

    The individuals received questionnaires, finished them, and and then delivered back by write-up in pre-paid papers. Bivariate tables had been developed to manage typically the major variables. Pearson’s Chi square test out was applied throughout data analysis. Intended for every dependent distinction, multivariate analysis together with the application of SPSS 12. 0 computer software was conducted (Estryn-Behar et al., 2012). The authors would not discuss typically the rigor with the method.

    Generally there were no certain measures used to be able to minimize the outcomes of researcher opinion. However, to give to be able to generalize typically the research findings, typically the participants were broken down into three teams according to typically the type of typically the institution such while hospitals (147); nurses homes (185); and even home care corporations (76) (Estryn-Behar ain al., 2012). Generally there were 39, 898 participants who taken care of immediately the survey outside of 77, 681 which received it.

    Results involving Analyze

    The researchers read the outcome in obedience with the exploration questions. They give tables with parameters and quantitative files and their examination. I believe of which the findings will be valid and echo the reality for the reason that research sample seemed to be big and various.

    Typically the researchers did certainly not identify any limits with the study. Even so, any limitation can easily be how the exploration sample included simply European healthcare corporations and thus may not be generalized on typically the international level.

    The exploration findings were shown logically in line with the exploration questions. The analysis features come implications intended for nursing practice. For instance , the findings enables you to develop standards involving nursing workload was executed to reduce employees’ tiredness and family disputes and to raise patients’ safety. Even more study can always be dedicated to the introduction of measures such while “extended child health care, association of nursing staff for the decoration of their rota, 9- or 10-hour shifts in typically the afternoon, allowing naps during night alterations, and reduction involving changing shifts with short notice and study its effects” (Estryn-Behar et approach., 2012, p. 4290).

    Honourable Considerations

    There is no more information on an approval of the analyze by Institutional Assessment Board. There is definitely also no evidence of participants’ privacy defense but I feel the survey was basically anonymous due to be able to the big example and no relevance of private details various other than age or perhaps gender to the analysis. There were very little ethical considerations in connection with treatment because typically the study is committed to a defieicency of do the job schedule for rns. The only honourable concern applicable to be able to the study is definitely threat to patients’ safety as a result of rns working hard.


    The thesis statement in this particular exploration discloses the condition which in turn is going to be able to be investigated and even comprises the difficulties which in turn are revealed inside the research questions. Generally the study is definitely an useful side of the bargain to nursing training. It proved typically the dependence of very long shifts and nurses’ home conflicts which in turn, in their convert, negatively influence sufferer safety. The analysis results can turn out to be used in nursing jobs practice to produce schedules which abandon the required time for handover, provide social help and empower teambuilding. The study is surely an example of a new quantitative research together with representative sample in addition to valid results. Typically the analysis strategies in addition to putting on statistical application enabled researchers to be able to present study conclusions explicitly.


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