Nursing Education Barriers And Overcoming Strategies

Nursing Education Barriers plus Overcoming Strategies

The engagement of college students is an idea usually talked regarding in education, plus much research has been carried out on the subject matter. It is usually perceived as the rate of interest that learners demonstrate towards the subject under discussion; their interaction with the teacher, content, and peers; and their enthusiasm to learn and proceed with the profession. One of the challenges I faced is the existence of social barriers (Mikkonen, Elo, Kuivila, Tuomikoski, & Kääriäinen, 2016). Sometimes we could be givens loads of assignments which we were expected to complete individually for a few days. This at times felt disengaging if I got isolated or if I did not have the chance to interrelate with my peers and teachers. To overcome this challenge, the instructors helped in fostering an online community that offered opportunities for students’ interaction. We also created an online study group where the learners and educators could meet via Google Hangouts as well as other video conferencing services.

Administrative barrier also posed a challenge as I and other students did not know when and how to contact the educators outside classroom hours. I also became discouraged because I did not know my development of the course and my anticipations were not communicated evidently. However, to surmount this challenge, the nurse educator set us up for success by establishing contact techniques and time (Mikkonen et al., 2016). He gave us his email address, mobile phone number, and allocated us two days every week when we could get in touch with him. Procrastination is the other problem that affected me in my journey to become a professional nurse. However, I managed to overcome this challenge by setting reminders that could keep me on monitor.

Becoming the specialized nurse will be confronted with tremendous difficulties. Learners have in order to overcome the happening challenges for assured success in expert practice. The conversation between students plus teachers is essential in order to success out there.


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