Operation Jawbreaker Term`s Description

Operation Jawbreaker: Term`s Description

The investigation from the success of cleverness and military procedures is required in order to ensure their long term improvement. With this task, it is suggested to research, explain, and evaluate the particular success from the counterterrorist operation JAWBREAKER. This particular codename is used to an procedure which was launched right after the 9/11 fear act from the US ALL Central Intelligence Company (CIA). This procedure targeted the Taliban and Al-Qaeda plus had the greatest purpose of killing Osama bin Laden. 1

The methods comprised of forging relationships with the nearby resistance (the North Alliance) and helping it with the particular common goal associated with destroying the Taliban and Al-Qaeda simply by mutually exchanging cleverness and providing financing and supplies. 2 Consequently, the procedure continues to be classified because covert. 3 The particular outcomes contains the particular Northern Alliance effectively working against Al-Qaeda with the assist of the united states, 4 although the greatest aim was not really achieved within the particular project. 5 Within general, it offers been referred to as a good extremely successful procedure that was furthermore performed very rapidly, which may become partially attributable in order to the cultural cleverness of the officials involved in this. 6

In purchase to repeat the success of the claims, the investigation of all of the possible causes associated with its effectiveness will be required. This subject is researchable, actually though there are usually few sources, specifically recent ones, that will directly consider this. Still, you will find published7 articles, accounts, 8 and reports, 9 as well because some publicly obtainable CIA data. 10

Also, the occasion is mentioned within sources which are not always focused on this but still consider11 the12 US13 along with other countries’14 activities within Afghanistan. In inclusion, the study will utilize a type of success requirements, which might consist associated with Meharg’s suggestions15 plus include Nuechterlein’s synthetic framework. 16 The particular preliminary research query inquires about the particular effectiveness from the procedure and the reasons for its success, plus the proposed listing of literature will be presented in the particular references of this particular document.


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