Personal Care Philosophy In Professional Practice

Personal Care Viewpoint in Professional Exercise

  • Introduction

    A nurse’s philosophy usually displays her values, values, attitudes, and values associated with professional exercise. Therefore , a great personal nursing viewpoint should include ideas that guide the nurse’s decisions plus actions, the individual interpretation of medical meta paradigms, their own association with the particular nursing practice, mainly because well as feasible strengths and restrictions. This paper provides my philosophy associated with nursing with the particular focus on this kind of essential components while personal values, values, principles, and behaviour in the framework of my expert practice and schooling.

    Important Concepts of Viewpoint

    The particular key concepts associated with my nursing viewpoint are based upon my beliefs plus visions of the nurse’s role within society. Thus, We believe that healthcare professionals are responsible with regard to providing their individuals with high-quality treatment. Moreover, I am certain that will care must be patient-centered, and the concentrate should be upon respecting patients’ requirements and desires. The person approach to every patient is the particular core of the philosophy of medical. I also think that the role of the nurse in community is to assistance patients, provide all of them with a safe environment, and assist them cope along with their health issues the majority of appropriately and cautiously. Therefore, I am certain that will a nurse must be well-educated, skillful, plus honest.

    Metaparadigms of Medical

    4 specific nursing traguardo paradigms are the particular person, health, atmosphere, and nursing (Masters, 2014). I talk about an individual as the recipient of the care who may take advantage of the provided solutions. Therefore , my treatment must be patient-centered, plus my actions ought to be based on patients’ needs. Also, the patient’s health within this context is really a value that becomes a goal of nurses’ activities. I furthermore view a patient’s health as their or her wellbeing in contrast in order to a patient’s sickness. My practice will be oriented to advertising health through treatment, treatment, and assistance. Furthermore, the surroundings is the complex metaparadigm that will is related in order to understanding aspects which usually can influence the patient’s health regarding both external plus internal factors. The nurse aims to impact a patient’s atmosphere to give rise to this particular person’s health. Lastly, I discuss medical as a procedure for offering care, supporting individuals, creating a secure environment, and conquering diseases.

    Application of Viewpoint to Nursing Exercise

    Whilst discussing the software of my viewpoint of nursing to rehearse, I should condition that it really is dependent not only upon theoretical assumptions plus interpretations of some other nurses’ beliefs but additionally on my personal professional experience plus knowledge. Therefore , the nursing philosophy may be discussed due to my analysis associated with nursing theories, concepts, and techniques which are provided in the particular literature as the majority of effective to become used to practice (Daly, Speedy, & Jackson, 2014). I have got centered on beliefs plus ideas which are usually directly related to the practice, plus they may be easily put on my daily actions and research due to the fact I personally use them because guidelines.

    Strengths and Restrictions

    Advantages of my breastfeeding philosophy are within my choice of just those ideals plus visions that are relevant to practice. For example, accepting the concept that the offered care must be patient-centered, I discuss the particular proposed treatment plus alternatives with individuals to select the most appropriate one and tackle clients’ beliefs plus visions. Still, additionally, there are limitations in the philosophy of medical because, while taking certain visions, We can ignore some other important ideas. Consequently, my goal will be to continue studying and develop the philosophy to reveal a range associated with nursing perspectives.


    The advancement of an individual philosophy of medical is a superb experience in order to identify priorities inside my practice plus analyze their importance in the framework of modern professional conditions. To deal with my profession goals, I will certainly improve my viewpoint referring to exercise and received understanding. This approach will be effective to guarantee that will I will become able to contribute to the quality of the particular provided care within the future.


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