Personal Nursing Philosophy And Its Development

Personal Nursing Viewpoint and Its Advancement


The development of a private philosophy of medical is important with regard to each nurse to determine what ideals and attitudes supply the background for the nurse’s professional activities and choices (Masters, 2015). Those nurses who work in different healthcare services usually follow not really only standard breastfeeding principles but furthermore their visions plus beliefs regarding the nursing practice. The purpose of this particular paper is to present my viewpoint of nursing regarding my visions, ideals, and beliefs, while well as the professional experience.

Definition associated with Nursing

Nursing can be defined as the practice of giving care and support to persons that suffer from particular diseases and require the assistance of a healthcare professional. With this framework, nursing includes the prevention of illness development, the supply from the appropriate treatment, as well as the protection associated with patients’ interests. Through this perspective, the practice of medical exists to guarantee the efficient delivery associated with care, the advertising of healthcare concepts, and the support for patients and their families (Hood, 2013). I practice medical because I realize the significance of assisting each member of the community when he or she is affected with a good illness. I feel thinking about helping individuals become healthy whilst providing them along with the best treatment they need.

Assumptions plus Values

While discussing the assumptions and values regarding nurses, individuals, healthcare providers, plus communities, I ought to state that the building of trusty associations with patients will be my priority. As a result, I believe that nurses should do all possible to guarantee that individuals receive efficient care and attention and support. With this context, patients ought to trust those nurses who work along with them. Furthermore, healthcare professionals should cooperate along with healthcare providers to ensure that the proposed treatment plus care are balanced and most suitable inside a concrete case (Masters, 2015). The work with individuals also means the task with communities, plus nurses should contribute to the wellness of the whole community.

Domains associated with Medical

The main domains associated with nursing are the person, health, plus environment. In the framework of nursing, the person is a good individual who offers one’s own requires and interests plus who thinks and makes decisions. For instance, while working along with patients, I perceive them as individuals whose visions, passions, and decisions concerning treatment must be highly regarded. If views associated with healthcare providers plus patients regarding treatment are different, I should focus on proposing alternative options. Wellness can be another domain that I can determine as a condition of physical plus psychological comfort, plus my goal will be to guarantee that my patients will certainly achieve this state. Within my philosophy associated with nursing, the surroundings is made up of external aspects that can impact a person and their or her wellness. Therefore, I am usually focused on making environments comfortable to advertise a patient’s recuperation.


The discussed domains associated with nursing are directly connected as the person’s health is dependent on environments, plus a person’s choices can influence his / her environment and physical and mental state. Therefore, these aspects should become taken into account while offering care. It will be possible to presume that, later on, the practice of medical will become much more focused on the person great or her needs due to the fact there will become more resources to improve people’s wellness. Still, currently, healthcare professionals face such difficulties as the lack of time and sources to build solid relations with patients and their family members. Shortages observed in different spheres associated to nursing impact the quality associated with the provided treatment, and the objective is to conquer these barriers without having affecting patients. In addition, my goals with regard to further professional advancement are to be a little more patient-oriented, to create leadership skills, plus to focus on decision-making and problem-solving techniques.


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