Personal Nursing Philosophy Concept Synthesis

Personal Nursing Philosophy: Concept Synthesis

Two Practice-Specific Concepts

A concept is a highly complex mental image reflecting one’s idea about a particular entity. Concept formation helps classify life situations and thereby understand them. In the nursing profession, it is highly important to identify practice-specific concepts to have a clear vision of one’s scope of responsibilities, missions, and goals.

I believe that one of the key concepts for a nurse practitioner in health promotion. Since we cannot administer medications or make patients undergo therapies and other procedures, we should do our best to involve them in the decision-making process and guide them to the right choice. It is often challenging to convince the patient that the recommendations, however uncomfortable or futile they might seem, will guide him/her to recuperation.

This task is particularly challenging when it comes to patients suffering through terminal or persistent conditions since the particular majority of all of them do not possess any wish for the particular better. Since complete recovery cannot end up being attained in this kind of cases, we should inspire those individuals to struggle towards the disease, therefore slowing its advancing and prolonging existence. It has already been proven by study that patients that are terminally ill often suffer through depression and require to be strengthened to restore these people will live irrespective of the difficulties they need to meet (Sachs, Kolva, Pessin, Rosenfeld, & Breitbart, 2013). Therefore , I feel convinced that wellness promotion, even though it will not involve plus actual treatment methods, can indeed help to make a difference plus improve patients’ fulfillment with care.

Another major concept is a good evidence-based practice. Because a nurse specialist, We are mostly included in practical jobs, which may produce a delusion that We do not require any theoretical knowledge to satisfy my obligations. Nevertheless, the situation is very the opposite. Evidence-based practice is the particular one that enables a nurse in order to build his/her medical expertise around the the majority of appropriate evidence from relevant studies (Hall & Roussel, 2016). The key concept is just not to acquire knowledge per se (i. e. to stack up random ideas and facts) but to learn how in order to apply it in order to real situations to fulfill challenges presented simply by real patients.

The significance of evidence-based exercise is supported by the particular fact that nearly all patients believe in us as experts and accept our own recommendations, assuming that all of us know what will be best for all of them within their conditions. That will is why the nurse practitioner has responsibility for each step he/she can make as any suggestion that is not really sufficiently grounded might bring about desastroso consequences to the particular patient. Moreover, this kind of mistakes also produce unnecessary expenditure plus increase wastage (Hall & Roussel, 2016). The concept of evidence-based exercise, therefore , helps along with the prevention associated with unneeded and sometimes harmful interventions.

Listing of Propositions

Within most general conditions, a proposition is definitely an element that determines relations between two or more concepts making this visible how these people relate to each other. The following offrande could be made in order to connect the aforementioned ideas:

  • It can end up being produced from scientific proof that each person may be empowered via positive self-image plus behaviors even though his/her condition is airport terminal.
  • The patient’s wellbeing depends not just upon the nurse’s understanding but also upon his/her ability in order to educate the individual upon well-grounded practices associated with health promotion.
  • The majority associated with studies on the particular topic suggest that wellness must be advertised from physical, psychological, intellectual, social, plus emotional perspectives concurrently to achieve much better results.
  • Advertising health will not indicate imposing decisions upon the patient but rather helping him/her understand that the suggested method of treatment is the particular most efficient within the given situation, which is confirmed by several quarrels and instances.
  • Nursing duty will be not limited in order to clinical settings; consequently, the evidence-based exercise should extend in order to follow-up health advertising and tracking associated with the results.
  • It can end up being produced from scientific proof that each person may be empowered via positive self-image plus behaviors even though his/her condition is fatal.
  • The particular patient’s well-being is dependent not only upon the nurse’s understanding but also upon his/her ability in order to educate the individual on well-grounded methods of health advertising.
  • The particular majority of research around the topic recommend that health need to be promoted through physical, mental, rational, social, and psychological perspectives simultaneously to attain better results.
  • Promoting wellness will not imply imposing decisions on the particular patient but rather supporting him/her understand that the particular suggested method of therapy is the the majority of efficient in the particular given case, which usually is proven simply by several arguments plus instances.
  • Nursing duty will be not limited to medical settings; therefore , the particular evidence-based practice ought to extend to followup health promotion plus tracking from the outcomes.
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