Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

Personal Philosophy of Nursing

  • Definitions

    Besides being a discipline studying the fundamental essence of knowledge and existential aspects of human life, philosophy can also be defined as an attitude of a person or a community that provides guidelines for behavior. Philosophy of nursing is aimed to state one’s personal ideas concerning the nature of the profession (including ethical beliefs) that direct one’s activities (McCormack & McCance, 2016).

    Nursing can be defined as an act of providing and maintaining people’s health and capabilities, preventing illnesses, performing the treatment, educating patients about proper self-care, and increasing the level of health care quality in general (by contributing to the well-being of each person on particular) (Bahramnezhad, Shiri, Asgari, & Afshar, 2015).

    The Basic Guidelines of my Nurses Philosophy

    Identifying your personalized nursing philosophy method establishing links involving opportunities that typically the profession may offer and even your own principles, competences, and objectives (McCormack & McCance, 2016).

    My nursing idea is based in the following presumptions and beliefs:

    • typically the care that My partner and i provide must turn out to be patient-oriented, which means most the peculiarities with the person must always be considered;
    • that is my work to encourage people to take a working part in their very own own care, to be able to learn everything concerning their present issue and the techniques they will deal using it successfully;
    • I must manage to explain to my personal patients their element of the accountability for their behavior create them knowledgeable with preventive steps;
    • I must give enough information intended for patients to always be able to get healthy habits of which foster their continuous changover to some healthy way of living;
    • I need to continue learning during my whole nurses activity, not simply by books and health-related journals and also by other nurses’ expertise as well seeing that my own;
    • my work probably should not run isolated since it is essential to give support to fellow-nurses and also other team associates;
    • the conclusion involving my shift by no means means the conclusion involving my are nurses implies readiness to be able to help people throughout does not need matter in which then when you face them.
  • typically the care that My partner and i provide has to be patient-oriented, which means of which every one of the peculiarities involving the person need to be taken straight into consideration;
  • it is my personal duty to inspire patients to carry a working part throughout their own worry, to learn anything about their provide condition and typically the ways they will package with it efficiently;
  • I need to be able to be able to explain to my personal patients their portion of the responsibility for their very own actions and produce them knowledgeable about prophylactic measures;
  • I must give adequate facts for people to acquire wholesome habits that engender their gradual move to a wholesome lifestyle;
  • I must proceed learning throughout my personal whole nursing task, not simply from guides and medical periodicals and also from various other nurses’ experience seeing that well as my personal own;
  • my work have to not run cut off as it is definitely essential to give support to fellow-nurses and other crew members;
  • the end involving my shift by no means means the ending of my do the job as nursing signifies readiness to help clients inside of need no subject where and if you encounter these people.
  • The Concepts involving Nursing Paradigm

    Taking straight into account all typically the assumptions provided, My partner and i can supply the right away interpretation with the fields of the nurses metaparadigm within typically the framework of my personal personal philosophy:

  • A person is certainly a person that has his/her specific qualifications and needs to be reviewed comprehensively in mechanics. I am planning to analyze every single person as an amount of constantly changing physical, psychological, intellectual, and even social characteristics (e. g., gender, grow older, habits, attitude to be able to treatment, etc. ).
  • The planet is understood as being a circumstance or settings involving human experience of which can vary throughout space, time, and even nature (e. grams., cultural norms and even values, financial and even social status with the patient, his/her political opinions, etc. ).
  • Health can be a dynamic state made up of wellness and disorders in their distinct proportions. I acquire into consideration of which absolute health is definitely unachievable and is definitely always context-dependent and even multifaceted (e. grams., wellbeing, mental steadiness, moral realms, self-perception, and so forth )
  • Nursing, intended for me, could be the skill of providing broad full-fledged maintain these who cannot take action themselves (e. grams., critical assessment, medical therapy, education of patients).
  • Training is a combo of theoretical blocks and practical education, clarifying my specialist aims and obligations. I will try to obtain enough expertise to become some sort of nurse educator of which would allow us to give suitable direction to fresh specialists that help these people bridge the difference between theoretical expertise and practice.
  • Research throughout nursing is realized as an task aimed to give the necessary data for improving nurses practice through creativity. I am planning to concentrate on exploration in medical adjustments to be ready to apply freshly discovered methods.
  • The government is the capacity to manage nursing staff members, patient care, along with the distribution of solutions in the almost all effective way.
  • Eventually, my primary target will be to be able to render medical support to all folks who need it, not any matter what ethnical background they are members of, what religion they may have, or what their very own financial and cultural status is.


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