Persuasive Business & Social Ads And Ted Talk

Persuasive Business & Social Ads plus TED Talk

  • Press is an effective tool for moving important messages may change the views of the general public or make the difference by assisting a particular perspective or persuade to improve one’s opinion. This particular paper will analyze three examples associated with such persuasive communications present in media. The persuasive message will be the one that will usually involves the benefit or attractiveness for the individual that receives the information. In order in order to persuade the recipient, the sender associated with a message ought to put an emphasis on the value that will the receiver will get from addressing the particular message.

    Furthermore, a convincing message is made upon the basis associated with research and knowing the needs plus requirements of the particular intended receivers. This particular aspect is furthermore instrumental in motivating the recipient in order to share the received message with others. The sources of persuasive messages can be varied; however, because of a meticulous implementation, messages from media are the most persuasive.

    Fiat Safe Driving

    The first example of a persuasive message is the Fiat Safe Driving Campaign. Created by a Brazilian advertisement agency Leo Burnett, the advertisement is a series of three minimal black, and white posters that depict merged letters F, N, Z, and R with images of a little girl, a dog, a cow, and a tour bus. The tagline of the advertisement is “You either see the letter or a little girl (a dog, a bus, a cow). Don’t text and drive” (as cited in Creative Bloq, 2013, para. 3).

    Such an innovative idea has found a balance between striking and memorable imagery and a sturdy message that makes the recipient reflect. The purpose of the advertisement is to get attention and make the recipient look at the image further to distinguish between the shapes of a letter and an object. This is directly linked to the fact that a person can have difficulties with texting behind the wheel and cause danger to others.

    Furthermore, the contrast between the black and white was instrumental in creating sleek images of a dog, a bus, and a minor girl. These advertisements were created not to promote the Fiat brand but to emphasize the importance of safe driving. When a recipient first looks at the image, it is clear that it is a depiction of a letter; however , when looking further, an object can be seen. The achieved effect is parallel with texting a driving – a driver sees letters and words on the smartphone, paying less attention to the road and not seeing objects to which a driver can pose a danger.

    This message did not change my perception of the environment since the danger of texting while driving is recognized. However, it was powerful in a sense of transmitting a message my the means of minimalistic imagery with an optical illusion. If comparing this advertisement with the persuasiveness of other driving campaigns, it wins in terms of the imagery-message combination. Some campaigns tend to depict quite striking images of consequences of unsafe driving. The Fiat campaign, on the other hand, does not strike the recipient with a devastating image, it tastefully combines a black and white image with a short message that was surely embedded into the memory of the recipients.

    No More

    The second example of a persuasive message is the ‘No More’ Super Bowl Campaign. It is a sturdy message that reminds the public that domestic abuse and violence never stopped, even when it’s Super Bowl. The ‘No More’ campaign is actually a thirty-second clip that shows a text message history between two girlfriends. One girl is having fun watching the game and encourages the other to join her. The second girl says that she should probably not go out because her boyfriend or husband is in “one of those moods. ” When asked is she ok, the girl gives no answer.

    This advertisement reminds its recipients that the signs of domestic abuse should be recognized and eliminated; domestic abuse is not a joke. According to the statistics outlined in the Up Worthy article “5 Clever Super Bowl Ads that Had Messages way Bigger than Football” (n. d. ), twenty-four people become victims of partner violence in the United States (para. 17). Furthermore, the campaign was also influenced by the fact that NFL had failed in handling the cases of domestic violence connected to its players.

    The persuasiveness of the message is linked to its relatability. A text message conversation between two friends is a common thing; however , a topic of domestic abuse is rarely discussed in such a conversation. The ‘No More’ campaign shows the problem of domestic abuse as usual, but the primary purpose of the message is that it should not be treated like ordinary.

    Sam Berns TED Talk

    Sam Berns was a boy that suffered from progeria, a very rare illness of premature aging that was only detected in three hundred fifty people on the planet. In his TED Talk Sam talked about his disease and how drastically it had affected his life. However , the main topic of the talk was not focused on the disease, but how he was able to have an optimistic outlook on life no matter what. He was persuasive in telling his audience that it is normal not to be able to do something other people can. Thus, it is beneficial to try making some adjustments to move the things a person can’t do into a category of the things that can be achieved.

    To support his idea, Sam had told a story about how he wanted to play drums that were too heavy for him. The drum weighted 40 lbs while Sam’s weight was only 50 lbs. To make his dream come true, Sam along with his parents and an engineer had worked together to create a special drum that would be six times lighter than the standards one so that he could play with the band at halftime (TED Summaries, 2014, para. 6).

    The second important message in Sam’s speech is surrounding oneself with people that are supportive. According to Sam, the person’s environment has a direct impact on the life. Lastly, Sam stated that there was zero time in lifestyle to feel remorseful for himself, together with the disease he or she suffered from he or she just wanted in order to move forward in addition to make a variation in life. Sam’s talk was persuasive since he failed to employ any complicated metaphors or put a great emphasis on his / her medical condition; he or she was persuasive since everything he previously mentioned came from his / her heart. By hunting and listening in order to Sam, I used to be in a position to reflect about living and know that I ought to perform a lot around me to make a new difference and possess a new positive outlook everywhere.


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