Professional Nurse’s Educational Challenges

Professional Nurse’s Educational Challenges

Barriers Encountered

In my journey to become professional nurse, I possess encountered numerous difficulties. One of the particular main challenges was your conflict between occupations. When I managed to graduate from high college, I wanted to participate a law college. I wanted in order to become an attorney, just like the parents. Nevertheless , a good incident occurred whenever my neighbor experienced heart-attack. Due to the limited medical knowledge of the people who were close to him at that time, he lost his life. For a moment, there was a conflict in my mind on whether to do a medical or a legal course. I finally chose to pursue a nursing career. Lack of confidence was the other challenge I had to deal with when I joined college, especially during the time I was in my attachment. Handling patients in extreme pain was a major problem that I had to overcome (Johns, 2013). The nature of this course also meant that it was not advisable to take online classes most of the time because of the practical nature of this profession.

Overcoming the Barriers

I have been able to overcome these major hurdles at different stages of my career. I was finally able to choose nursing over law because of the desire to help people in pain. Dealing with the issue of confidence, especially during practical lessons took some time. However, with the support from my colleagues, parents, and teachers, I was finally able to gain confidence through regular practice. I no lengthier fear handling individuals in different problems. Also i came in order to appreciate the have to be physically present within classrooms most associated with the time due to the fact of the character of the profession.


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