Senior Oncology Nurse’s Professional Interview

Senior Oncology Nurse’s Expert Interview


Analyzing the professional actions of an individual doing work in an associated industry in the particular same area will be a successful way of learning valuable advice about the specifics and technicalities of his or even her responsibilities. This particular work is definitely an interview with an older nurse practicing within the oncology department for 3 years. Based upon the questions regarding her personal belief of the work place and management methods promoted in the particular unit, relevant info will be obtained regarding her immediate responsibilities, responsibilities, and the particular role of frontrunners in the treatment process.

What is your part like a healthcare group member?

I am a part associated with the team associated with specialists and create feasible contribution in order to our department’s exercise. One of the tasks is preparing work shifts with regard to colleagues and analyzing the effectiveness associated with specific interventions centered on the evaluation of every employee’s efficiency. Also, the older management trusts me personally to keep meetings plus training aimed in team building. Generally, despite the broad range of obligations, I am happy of my part.

How perform you define professionalism and reliability, and how will professional responsibility impact your projects?

In my practice, We attempt to not just adhere to assumptive aspects but furthermore consider the peculiarities associated with particular cases. This seems in my experience that will Laidsaar-Powell, Butow, Bu, Fisher, and Juraskova (2017) describe the particular professionalism of oncology departments’ staff nicely as the obligation “to respect the particular patient’s wishes” (p. E12470). This theory, in turn, affects my work plus helps me obtain more knowledge plus experience.

Do you consider frontrunners in your business stewards of wellness care? Why or even Why not?

Yes, I feel sure that frontrunners in my business are definitely health care stewards. Our medical center provides services in order to patients with serious illnesses, and the careful method of every case is among the methods of maintaining a good care environment. Our own task is not really to dominate yet help, and the particular management does every thing possible to create this particular idea to any or all the particular subordinates with an efficient personnel policy.

Is it essential to you that will leaders exercise expert advocacy and genuineness, as well because power and impact when working along with colleagues? Why or even perhaps you should?

For me, it will be essential to sense leaders’ support, plus I think that this is impossible to manage all the actions from the staff without having delving into the particular specifics of. We agree with Gillet et al. (2018) who argue that will employees in oncology departments need qualified management due in order to high burnout prices. Therefore, the well-timed manifestations of integrity, strength, authenticity, plus other properties might contribute to assisting subordinates and their own proper motivation.

Do you think about your own role important within the context associated with achieving positive individual outcomes?

Although I rarely cope with patients directly, it appears to me that will my role will be significant enough. We ensure that the staff to organize their working hours competently and compile the schedule so that all the team members could not experience high fatigue and burden. This, in turn, influences patient outcomes favorably because employees that have such support, usually, do not require additional incentives.

What advice might you give the novice employee within your department?

It is vital in order to remember that our own colleagues are usually ready to assist. There is simply no need to conceal one’s emotions plus feelings, which will be especially dangerous whenever working with serious cancer patients. The particular team, by which co-workers are ready in order to support one an additional, as a guideline, demonstrates high expert performance. Therefore, in spite of the insufficient encounter, it is essential to raise one’s authority through cooperation but not isolation.


The interview with the particular senior nurse associated with the oncology division provides an chance to understand the obligation that she encounters, and also her leaders’ role in the particular organization from the treatment process. The surveys takers considers the conversation of her group members as the significant aspect associated with the practice. Professionalism and reliability is presented because the ability in order to connect to different individuals, that is particularly related within the context associated with coping with severe malignancy cases.


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