Sexually Transmitted Diseases And Nursing Activities

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Nursing Activities

The selected important health issue for the Miami-Dade community is increasingly high rates of sexually-transmitted diseases and HIV amongst the population. The rate of STD and HIV prevalence has continued to increase in the past two decades. The total incidence of gonorrhea, chlamydia, and infectious syphilis levels has risen to over 1500 diagnoses per 100, 000 population. HIV cases possess also increased to 1300 in assessment to lower figures in previous many years (Moore, 2016).

Furthermore, there exists a high number of possibly undiagnosed or without treatment infections. This produces challenges and issues for population wellness, ranging from rapid growth of tranny rates to undesirable outcomes that may be associated along with these diseases. Particular vulnerable populations like as minorities plus young adults tend to be more susceptible as nicely.

This local community ailment directly correlates with one associated with the nursing required care and illness prevention. A health professional serves a part like a specialist upon aspects such because disease prevention plus health management whilst working like a community educator. Increasing prices of STDs plus HIV are reliant on health actions and sexual methods in the populace. Nurses have the particular unique position associated with skill and encounter as well because connection with the individual to engage within health promotion, specially in sensitive issues like sexual health that could require unique and private approaches. A health professional is an innovator to implement significant policy changes that will would provide treatment and services in order to vulnerable populations plus those requiring therapy.

Furthermore, management through evidence-based practice is vital to developing meaningful public health interventions. A nurse is an advocate for eliminating barriers to care and ensuring funding for vital community health services that may prevent infectious epidemics, such as with STDs.

The position of nurses on the front lines provides an unique opportunity to improve sexual and reproductive health in populations. Nurses care for vulnerable populations such as minorities or adolescents in a variety of settings, including many in the community such as acute care clinics, schools, and community centers. Using this in-depth community access, nurses can engage in conversation and education of patients.

This includes providing evidence-based information on sexual protection methods and ways to minimize high-risk behavior (Maria, Guilamo-Ramos, Jemmott, Derouin, & Villarruel, 2017). Individuals in the community may not have reliable sources of information or a comprehensive understanding of the issue. However, a nurse has the capacity and opportunity to provide that to guide competent decision-making regarding sexual health.

Public health nurses play a critical role in the prevention of STDs and HIV by providing specialized care and creating interventions aimed at educating the population. Public health nurses often serve as a critical entry point of patients into the healthcare system and can provide proper preventative care and healthcare referrals (Bungay, Masaro, & Gilbert, 2014). Nurses participate in developing systematic change. Nurses are a resource that can break down cultural and communal barriers, challenging common assumptions and eliminating the discomfort of discussing STDs. Through the elimination of stigma and the provision info, nurses hold a vital role in A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE prevention.

The state representative Roy Hardemon currently signifies the 108th area of Miami. He or she is on the Fl house health plus human services panel as well because the health development subcommittee (“Roy Hardemon, ” n. deb. ). Hardemon offers sponsored numerous expenses aiming at local community health improvement which may make him a great local representative along with whom to talk about this problem.


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