System Development Life Cycle Principles And Implementation Role Description

System Development Life Period: Principles and Execution Role Description

The role of the particular nurse leaders within an unit will be connected to checking the process associated with implementing a brand new medical documentation system. The particular principles of the particular System Development Existence Cycle (SDLC) will certainly be applied right here. Hence, the applicant will be involved with assessing the preliminary feasibility of the particular system repairs and maintanance, as soon as the project is done. Additionally, necessary abilities include advanced social communication, problem-solving, plus managerial capabilities (“Nursing informatics specialist, ” n. d. ).

The applicant should be the graduate-level nurse along with experience of focusing on the implementation of recent systems in the clinical setting. This particular nursing professional will certainly have to use their expert understanding of medicine, the health care system, and info to allow the effective completing this task. With this system advancement and implementation task, a nurse informaticist is going to be responsible with regard to the following procedures:

Planning plus Requirements Definition

The main task may be the assessment of the particular currently used health professional documentation system, the benefits, shortfalls, plus feedback from medical professionals working within a facility. Furthermore, the nurse innovator will review paperwork systems that are offered upon the market plus request proposals through software development businesses to assess the particular feasibility of having a documentation system from the beginning. As an outcome, this nurse innovator will develop economic plan and write an outline associated with possibilities for the particular team.


The analysis phase of SDLC will be necessary to summarize key features associated with the documentation software program which will enable a lot more efficient work associated with the department plus fulfill the needs from the workflow. The particular nurse can plan several short selection interviews with team users to better be familiar with deficiencies of the particular existing system (Rouse, 2019). The info assessed from the nurse-leader in the earlier stage will become analyzed to build up the plan for the particular new system style.

Design associated with the New System

At this phase, the nurse will certainly utilize the evaluation of the needs as well as the financial strategy to choose regardless of whether the system is going to be developed or a current solution can become purchased from the merchant. Requirements for that quantity of users plus technical capabilities is going to be outlined as nicely. The hardware, required for the brand new program will be bought, in case the particular existing devices are usually outdated.


The nurse innovator will oversee the particular process of changeover from your old paperwork system to the particular new one. This particular includes ensuring that will the department offers appropriate hardware that will will enable the particular work of the particular new system. Furthermore, the nurse will certainly be accountable for moving the existing paperwork, such as individual data and some other records towards the fresh system. This can require an understanding of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other relevant legislation that outline the process of collecting and using patient data (“Health information privacy law and policy, ” 2018). Finally, the nurse leader will be responsible for helping other nurses adjust to the new system, facilitating training sessions in cooperation with software vendors or developers.

Post-Implementation Support

The nurse-leader will be responsible for the documentation program maintenance, meaning that will the candidate will certainly monitor the work flow and be sure that the particular implemented system fits the requirements from the daily work. In addition , this nurse can help resolve issues coupled to the system, such because possible issues along with the system’s function. Finally, the health professional leader will oversee system updates and their successful installation. In general, the nurse leader will be working on the SDCL process when implementing the new documentation software.


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