The Role Of Microbes And Microbiology In Health

The Role of Microorganisms and Microbiology within Health

  • Introduction

    The moment associated with the scientific finding of microorganisms permitted scientists to solution many questions regarding the origin associated with life as well as the procedures of interaction associated with living beings. In accordance to Appana (2018), “microbes play a vital role in the particular progress both physical and anatomical functions of the dwelling organisms they inhabit” (p. 24). Nowadays, microbes are actively used in many sectors of human life, especially in the health sphere. Specialists use them to improve the biological processes of the human body, treat complex and rare diseases, and fight harmful microorganisms. The purpose of this paper is to consider both the positive and negative effects of microorganisms on people and the role of microbiology in the health industry.

    Microbes as a Means of Enhancement for Human Body

    Microorganisms have always influenced and continue to influence the course of evolution in general and humanity in particular. According to Appana (2018), “the close associations with microbes assist in the daily easing life of a variety of organisms…” (p. 22). Many generally accepted natural functions of the human body are performed by various groups of microbes that exist inside people. Researchers note that the symbiosis is so strong that the absence of germs in the organism can lead to critical deterioration of major human biological systems, even leading to death (Wang, Wei, Min, & Zhu, 2018).

    It is also worth noting that doctors have long been using microorganisms as medications to stabilize internal natural processes by artificially introducing germs into the patient’s body (Wang et al., 2018). Perhaps in the future, scientists will be able to find a solution to such modern diseases as cancer through research into the nature of microbes.

    Microorganisms as a Main Cause of Diseases

    Not all germs are equally beneficial to the health of multicellular organisms. The goal of many of them is the damage and absorption associated with the host. In accordance to Wang ainsi que al. (2018), the particular destructive effects associated with harmful microorganisms may affect all elements of the human being organism, from organic weight to GENETICS. A few of these microbes possess forever remained inside the good mankind as causes of bulk infections and epidemics. Many types associated with germs and the particular principles of the impact on individuals are even now a secret with regard to biologists and scientists.

    Microbiology plus its Contribution towards the Health

    Since the particular discovery of microorganisms, the subsequent introduction of the new medical discipline has just been an issue of time. Based on Moody (2017), “microbiology is the department of science that will studies microorganisms” (para. 1). It is very important notice that the new layer of assumptive and practical understanding has allowed researchers to build up new quick techniques for diagnosing illnesses and testing systems for samples (Moody, 2017).

    It was microbiologists that were capable to produce medicaments which contain the particular necessary microorganisms inside a safe amount. Furthermore, microbiology has affected the food business by contributing in order to the development associated with products with the particular addition of microorganisms to regularly sustain human health. Nowadays, microbiologists work carefully with specialists through the discipline associated with nanotechnology for that enhancement and extension associated with human life.


    Understanding the particular fundamental aspects associated with the life span of microorganisms gives an concept of their part in the platform of human presence. The discovery associated with germs and the particular detailed study associated with them allowed researchers to describe numerous of the attract wealth and mechanisms from the human organism. It probably is clear that organisms are an organic satellite of human being existence. Scientists through the microbiological region have determined that will some forms of microorganisms are useful. On the basis, specialists are creating medicine for the particular remedying of diseases triggered by other organisms. Future technologies will certainly provide an chance to have a closer look at the particular secrets of the particular microbiome and create new processes for improving human health.


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