Transcultural Nursing Interview With A Russian Patient

Transcultural Nursing: Interview having a Russian Patient

  • The interviewee: profession or even career, culture associated with origin

    The interviewee that decided to take part in my program project is the migrant worker associated with Russian descent. With regard to the sake associated with anonymity, I will make reference to the interviewee by his 1st and last title initials, that are The. D. He or she is the 36-year old man who works in General Electric as an electrician engineer. Married, has a wife and a child. His duties involve mapping and designing electrical systems for newly constructed houses, shopping malls, and other buildings. It is primarily a desk job, as the designing process is done using a computer. A. D moved to the USA roughly 5 years ago due to a gradual decline of quality of life in Russia and a lack of opportunities for personal and professional development. He is a tall, well-built man with signs of aging only beginning to appear. He has a limp on his right foot and has to rely on a walking stick, as walking causes him discomfort. A. D states that he received a trauma while working as a field electrician engineer after falling off an elevation due to a lack of safety equipment.

    The number of years the interviewee has resided in the community

    A. D lived in my community for 3 years, having been forced to relocate from San Francisco after signing up a contract with General Electric. For the past 5 years, he was immersed in American culture and lifestyle, which is significantly different from his life in Russia. Now, he and his family reside in our community, which is a small suburban district in the vicinity of the city. The district is relatively well off, with educational, social, and medical services present within less than an hour’s ride from home. Crime levels in our district are lower than the national average. The houses and objects of infrastructure are well-maintained, and its occupants engage in physical activity.

    The relationship with the interviewee

    A. D and his family are good friends of mine. When they moved into our community 3 years ago, Choice to greet the future neighbors. They may be very nice plus hospitable people. Even though their current standing is that of migrant employees, they may be actively functioning towards citizenship. The. D is progressive in English plus speaks with the bit of a good accent. His spouse does not understand English too nicely, but she will be attending classes. The particular child is becoming taught both British and Russian dialects. They are expected to receive full citizenship within a year.

    Reasons for the selection of this interviewee

    I chose A. D as an interviewee because he is very open to sharing details about his life within Russia, his encounters with the health care system there, plus can provide precise points of assessment with our personal system. At the particular same time, Russian federation is recognized as an Western nation, which indicates it should carry similarities to our own culture, while in the same period having many unique traditions and routines born from the long and turbulent history. Russia’s health care system was passed down from the USSR and as like, has many variations compared to our bait. As it stands, he receives treatment in the local hospital in regards to his leg injury. However, the process of healing is slow due to how expensive American healthcare is. Right now, he is undergoing a course of non-intrusive medicinal therapy aimed at reducing the symptoms such as pain and discomfort when walking. He says that he needs to save money to afford an operation that would eliminate the source of pain altogether. He has been undergoing therapy for the past three years, for two weeks on a yearly basis.

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