Translating Research Into Practice

Translating Research into Practice

Despite the growing preoccupation with the issue of translating scientific research into practice, the process of implementing theoretical framework of knowledge into clinical evidence base remains slow. When reflecting upon the matter, healthcare professionals share individual concerns as well as generalized comments, describing the barriers within their professional area of influence. This assignment investigates the reasoning behind the limitations of the research translation into practice along with the personal opinion.

A multitude of problems hinders the development in the nursing field. According to Wensing and Grol (2019), a frequent misfit between the implementation approaches and problems outlined by the researchers leads to the poor usage of strategies to resolve targeted issues. Furthermore, lack of specification and vague validation decrease the likelihood of the effect evaluation, supported by the proliferation of theories and conceptual knowledge models (Kristensen, Nymann, & Konradsen, 2016).

As supported by Curtis, Fry, Shaban, and Considine (2017), the delay in the research translation also happens as a result of time lag overlaps in different studies. Since researchers form further hypotheses on the basis of ideas from previous academic inquiries, it is critical to consider the challenge of timely update of the scientific data.

In my practice, the main limitation for practicing 100% evidence base appears to be the lack of substantial research programs dedicated to the implementation of improvements in the healthcare which would include specific practical benefits. Such benefits could refer to the further implications of clinical research, adapted guidelines for healthcare professionals, or even updated recommendations with regard to the city members. Eventually, this paper concentrated on the thinking behind slow interpretation of research in to practice, emphasizing individual thoughts and educational opinion around the problem.


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