Walmart Inc Cash Conversion Cycle Analysis

Walmart Inc.: Cash Conversion Cycle Analysis

Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) is a key performance indicator that measures the amount of time taken by a company to convert its investment in inventory into sales. It determines the number of days that the company has to hold its cash in inventory or other assets before realizing cash for its sales. The cash conversion cycle is calculated by using the following formula:

  • Cash Conversion Cycle = Days Inventory Outstanding + Days Sales Outstanding – Days Payable Outstanding (Allman-Ward & Allman-Ward, 2018).
  • Cash Conversion Cycle = Days Inventory Outstanding + Days Sales Outstanding – Days Payable Outstanding (Allman-Ward & Allman-Ward, 2018).
  • There are three components of this metric including Days Inventory Outstanding, Days Sales Outstanding, and Days Payable Outstanding. The Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO) is a measure of the number of days for which a company holds its inventory in its stores or warehouse before selling it. The primary aim of a company is to make quick sales and have a shorter DIO. Any delay in sales will result in cash flow problems for the company, which could affect its ability to carry out its business activities efficiently.

    The second component of the CCC is Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) which is a measure of the number of days for which a company has to wait to receive cash/payment for its sales. Most of the companies sell their products or services on credit which means that they will receive payments from customers at later dates. If customers delay payments or fail to make payments, then the company will have cash flow problems. The third component is Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) which determines the number of days taken by the company to pay its suppliers who expect timely payments to deliver goods available for sale. Therefore, this is crucial with regard to companies to maintain a minimal value associated with DPO to get great relationships using their providers (Allman-Ward & Allman-Ward, 2018).

    The analysis from the money conversion cycle will be vital for companies since it helps all of them in determining their own weaknesses and dealing with them through modifications in their techniques and operational techniques. The longer will be the cash transformation cycle, the even more problematic it will be for the organization as it will certainly not have liquefied cash to increase its sales. It will help them in enhancing their relationships along with suppliers and discussing a better offer in terms associated with lower cost or even timely delivery of products to be offered. Since it is indicated that will it is important for companies to maintain their cash transformation cycle low to prevent financial difficulties, the particular management integrates the assessment in the dealings with clients and suppliers. In case a company offers a longer times sales outstanding, it can offer the discount to the customers for earlier payment to rate up the money realization process (Allman-Ward & Allman-Ward, 2018).

    Furthermore, in case the company has cash flow delays, it must communicate with its suppliers to inform them about it and try to get additional time for payments. Moreover, if the company has a negative cash conversion cycle, then it means that it is not paying its suppliers before getting cash from the customers (Takai, 2018).

    The money conversion cycle associated with Walmart Inc. (Walmart) has in the particular Appendix. The DIO of Walmart has been 42. 44 times in 2018, which usually is considered because a long period with regard to a retail organization to hold the inventory. It indicates company held the inventories for even more than 30 days prior to selling them. This is reported that this company sells not just food items yet also household products that take the longer time in order to sell. The DSO of the organization was 4. eighteen days which indicates that the organization obtained cash because of its product sales in 2018 within a short time period. It had been a good sign since the organization had no substantial issues within the recognition of cash.

    The DPO from the company was forty two. 78 days, that is almost equal in order to the DIO. This implies that the organization effectively managed the payments for that products that it bought from its worldwide suppliers. The organization can improve the cash flows simply by increasing its product sales of fast-moving products and profitability. This must improve the customer service plus the quality associated with products. The organization should reduce the particular level of the slow-moving inventory. Furthermore, it can provide discounts to the customers to rate up sales plus avoid large inventories.


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    Table 1 . Cash Conversion Cycle – Walmart Inc.

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