Wasted Resources And Efforts In Us Healthcare

Wasted Resources and Attempts in US Healthcare

Currently, the health care expenditures in the particular United States always grow with significantly high rates along with policymakers attempting in order to slow the quantity of wasted sources and efforts in the market. This assignment quickly describes three indications of wasted sources and efforts within health care, like as poorly handled care transitions, bad execution of simply by practitioners, and complicated healthcare administration. In order to minimize the possible negative clinical results, urgent actions require to be taken to reduce the instances of the aforementioned incidents.

Improper care coordination is one of the most prominent sources of wasted efforts. With patients experiencing disjointed care, poorly managed care transitions lead to the deteriorated functional status of the chronically ill patients, higher rates of hospital readmissions, and increased number of health complications, as well as treatment side effects (Branning & Vater, 2016). Consequently, novel strategies of care transitions are to be designed to address the existing issue of inflated expenditures.

Another example of wasted resources and efforts in health care is poor work ethics and execution of the tasks by health personnel. Failing to adhere to the evidence-based guidelines, nurse practitioners frequently violate patient’s safety. Instead of engaging in preventive health care practices, healthcare professionals with low-level training use costly, yet unnecessary, procedures (Branning & Vater, 2016). In addition to higher healthcare costs, such neglect of medical standards results in patient injuries, repeated hospitalization, and, even, higher mortality rates.

Finally, increased expenditures happen as a result of an overly complex health care administration structure. In america, excess spending is generally linked to ineffective bureaucratic procedures within private health companies and governmental organizations (Branning & Vater, 2016). In this particular case, wasted sources and efforts make reference to the inappropriate methods for standardization from complicated billing, paperwork, and meeting agenda for healthcare staff.


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