Web Service Composition Methods

Web Service Structure Methods


Nowadays, social press are regularly utilized by businesses in order to share information regarding goods and solutions and obtain immediate comments from the large swimming pool of users. Contemplating this, social press sites create several opportunities for social networking commerce or, quite simply, active participation inside “the marketing plus selling of items and services within online marketplaces plus communities” (Baethge, Klier, & Klier, 2015, p. 269).

To fulfill numerous functional and non-functional requirements of customers on social business platforms, the best equipment must be applied to render a number of relevant web solutions. Thus, the current study will goal to identify the particular best possible internet service composition method capable to satisfy all those requirements.

Research Proposal

To assess various composition strategies, the quality associated with services (QoS) metrics is going to be applied. In accordance to Rajeswari ainsi que al. (2014), while well as Sethuramana, Sasiprabha, and Sandhya (2015), they consist of cost, execution period, reliability, reputation, accessibility, throughput, trust, plus security. Along along with this, an alternative assessment taxonomy created by Lemos, Benatallah, and Daniel (2015) will be utilized since it allows us all to define the entire ability of structure methods to resolve fundamental tasks inside the social business environment. Their taxonomy includes these components: composition language, understanding reuse, automation, device support, execution system, and target customers.

In order to attain the developed research objectives, a big sample of books on the subject matter of interest is going to be systematically and vitally reviewed and top quality evidence will end up being retrieved to solution the following queries:

  • What are the particular major requirements associated with users on sociable commerce platforms plus what characteristics do the latter have?
  • How suitable would be the existing workflow methods and AI techniques in supporting web solutions on social business platforms: which advantages and drawbacks do they possess in terms associated with the QoS plus holistic taxonomy metrics?
  • Do you know the main requirements of customers on social business platforms and what features do the second option have?
  • How suitable would be the existing workflow methods and AI techniques in supporting web solutions on social business platforms: which advantages and drawbacks do they possess in terms associated with the QoS plus holistic taxonomy metrics?
  • Besides the organized literature review which will provide background info, the quantitative synthetic methods will become used to review the identified net service composition methods in line with the suggested assessment criteria. Compared in order to qualitative methods that will aim to set up dynamic links amongst variables and reply “why” questions, quantitative analysis tools permit obtaining objective results.

    Each descriptive and inferential statistics instruments is going to be applied in the particular proposed research. The particular former can help sum it up evaluation leads to the particular form of lead to numbers, while the particular latter will help within revealing more complicated organizations between the analyzed web service structure techniques and interpersonal commerce characteristics (Ali & Bhaskar, 2016). Overall, a mixture of both inductive and deductive thinking approaches is going to be used to solve the particular intended research job.

    Inauguration ? introduction implies the building of theory plus hypotheses from statement of relationships amongst distinct variables, plus it will end up being implemented at the particular literature review phase (Zalaghi & Khazaei, 2016). Conversely, the particular deduction starts along with the identification associated with objectives and profits to building a rational structure that could fulfill them (Zalaghi & Khazaei, 2016). This particular approach will become utilized during the particular analytical and comparison part of the particular project after the particular most suitable internet service composition technique for social commerce is going to be suggested.


    Social commerce is definitely an emerging and progressively promising phenomenon that will currently draws lots of interest due in order to its multiple advantages for both customers and businesses. Contemplating high interoperability needs on such industrial platforms and programs, the issue associated with service delivery will be of significant issue. The analysis associated with web service structure techniques allows dealing with this concern plus look at the root.

    The evaluation associated with various web support composition techniques regarding their quality plus suitability to the particular social commerce atmosphere will thus offer theoretical implications with regard to further research, because well as the particular practical ones with regard to algorithm developers.


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