Wendy’s Fast Food Franchise In The Chinese Market

Wendy’s Fast Foods Franchise in typically the Chinese Industry

Expanding directly into new markets is usually a crucial action for fast foods companies that usually are willing to continue to be relevant. The particular solution allows companies to draw the focus of new followers and increase name brand recognition. Therefore, for your firms such since Wendy’s entering typically the Chinese market is usually one of typically the options that supply rather rich options. At the similar time, the businesses must keep at heart the necessity to be able to alter their company products and marketing plans slightly to match certain requirements of typically the new market in addition to appeal to the newest demographic.

Because of typically the strong presence that KFC and McDonald’s already have in the Chinese market, firms such as Wendy’s have to design an unique product that would set it aside from a range of similar fast food chains will probably be required (Szulanski, Chen, & Lee, 2009). Particularly, the company could create the product that would appeal to the cultural specifics of the target population, such as its recent attempt at producing tofu McNuggets by McDonald’s (Kendall, 2014).

Among the key opportunities for operating in China, one must mention the mentality of Chinese people, who are willing to try new experiences. However , there is also an evident weakness of the specified project, which concerns high competition levels.

When considering the approaches that McDonald’s and KFC have used to enter the Chinese market, one has to admit that they are quite different, yet both are based on the same premise. McDonald’s focuses on creating the brand product that would incorporate both the characteristics of its trademark food and the elements of the local culture, such as the tofu McNuggets mentioned above. KFC, in its turn, has been promoting its western cuisine as an exotic concept in the Chinese environment from the start (Szulanski et al., 2009). Thus, McDonald’s is trying to marry the elements of its food and the local cuisine, whereas KFC positions itself as the firm delivering entirely Western food.

Although both models are admittedly efficient in the context of the Chinese market given the attention that both McDonald’s and KFC receive, they also have several problems. The approach used by McDonald’s, which allows it to appeal to the target demographic on a cultural level, somewhat devalues its product by stripping it of its initial uniqueness and putting the elements involving the Chinese is definitely a (Szulanski et approach., 2009).

Local customers include been exposed to be able to the Chinese foodstuff simply because were born, which means they hardly will need another organization making this type involving food. KFC, even so, also faces selected threats since offering the food that is certainly initially alien for the Chinese culture may result in customers disliking that. In addition, that is worth writing that, in spite of the dissimilarities in their strategies, both companies give attention to using the guidelines of quick assistance delivery as the innovative strategy inside of the Chinese market (Szulanski et approach., 2009).

The case indicates quite clearly of which the technique of aligning toward the facts of a special market requires some sort of significant amount involving flexibility and the in-depth analysis involving local customers’ wants. Although the alternatives that McDonald’s and even KFC have built when selecting their very own marketing plans in Cina were flawed, typically the outcomes are already quite impressive. Consequently , the organization attempting with entering the dominion of the Oriental economy should harmony between offering the unique product and even incorporating the sun and rain associated with the Chinese culture into its meals. Consequently, a progressive rise in customers’ excitement for trying the suggested product is to be expected.


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