Why Cameras Should Be Placed In Public Places

Why Cameras Should Become Put into Public Places


Privacy will be one of the particular rights people residing in a democratic country enjoy. These people are free in order to do or believe whatever they want until it finally does not really violate other people’s rights, obviously. Consequently, this right will be highly valued since the members of the democratic society location the highest value on their freedom. Surveillance is one of the concepts that are often regarded as a threat to the most valuable right people cherish. The opponents of having cameras in public places claim that their freedom to privacy is violated as they are under constant observation. They stress that cameras in public spaces are a feature of a totalitarian country where all people are under complete control of the state. However, surveillance is not aimed at controlling or spying on citizens. It is a potent instrument of law enforcement that ensures people’s safety that, in its turn, is the basis of people’s ability to enjoy their rights fully.

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The main reason behind placing cameras in public places is the state’s wish to locate those who have violated the law or intend to do so. Facial recognition technologies are quite a recent advancement that makes cameras an effective tool. The benefits of the technology have already become apparent. For example, the Boston Marathon bombings were investigated at a high pace, and suspects were located rather soon. The poisoning of people in Salisbury (in Great Britain) is another case that illustrates the effectiveness of surveillance given that each step associated with the suspects has been traced because of the make use of of cameras in public areas. Such cases a variety of, so the results of surveillance are usually clear.

Some may still claim that the cost is as well high as almost all people are spied on, which violates their right in order to privacy. The competitors of surveillance might add that rather than punishing criminals, almost all people’s right in order to live their personal lives is refused. Nevertheless, it will be important to notice that state companies try to find criminals or terrorists and pay simply no focus on people that follow the present rules. As pointed out above, facial acknowledgement is the technology that makes this process effective. In addition to the role in investigating crimes, cameras are also utilized as preventive measures. Many people behave in a more socially acceptable way if they believe they are being watched, which contributes substantially to crime prevention. Therefore, the laws and rules are not violated and the democratic principles reign in an environment where people behave in an appropriate way.


In conclusion, it is possible to state that cameras serve as the factors contributing to the establishment of democratic principles and their maintenance. Surveillance prevents many crimes and remains an effective tool for the prompt investigation of crime. All law-abiding people have to tolerate the presence of cameras in order to secure their right to live and feel safe. It is also necessary to remember that people, who have not committed any crime, are not in the contacts of cameras. Socially acceptable behaviors are usually unnoticed as digital cameras are utilized in order to spot specific individuals with the related records.

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