Windshield Survey In Miami, Florida

Windshield Survey in Ohio, Florida

  • Windshield surveys are a quick and easy way to make observations of someplace and its community. The present project aims at evaluating such aspects of the community’s life as the housing condition, quality of streets and stores, cleanliness and services, and other crucial issues. The papers contains some information about the chosen aggregate followed simply by the findings arrived at along the way of the particular windshield survey. Within the conclusion, the main aspects of the project are identified.

    The Information About the Aggregate

    The aggregate that has been selected for the project in Miami, Florida. The city is located in the South of the USA. Over 440, 000 people live in the aggregate, their average age being 39. 7 (“Miami, Florida population 2018, ” 2018). The city takes up a territory associated with 93. 21 block kilometers (“Miami, Fl population 2018, ” 2018). The background of the combination goes back in order to 1896 when this became from the sleep of the condition by using the train (“Take a journey, ” 2015).

    There were a number of reasons for finding the aggregate for the particular capstone project. 1st of all, We live and function in this region, also it was interesting to observe the services readily available for the local community. Secondly, it had been very a challenging plus rewarding goal in order to see the place from the particular professional side instead than from your stage of a resident. Lastly, selecting Ohio offered an chance to note the particular strong and poor areas, which can be further utilized in my expert practice.


    I performed the particular windshield survey throughout the day plus then returned within the evening in order to check out with regard to neighborhood hangouts. To help make the observation more hassle-free, Specialists my buddy to drive the vehicle. By doing therefore, I could get notes without any kind of distractions. I selected a workday in order to avoid traffic jellies. I pay every thing I noticed plus arranged the information later to get ready this report.

    The majority associated with the people in the community are white, but there are representatives of other ethnicities, such as Asian, African American, and Hispanic. People walk, ride bicycles, sit on the benches, or use public transport. Community members look tidy and happy; they seem to like the place where they are and the people accompanying them. The community has been cleaned; there are many dustbins, so no one litters in the streets.

    Homes are in very good condition; there are no old, dilapidated, or abandoned buildings. Streets and sidewalks are neat and have appropriate signs and options for individuals with poor vision or limited physical abilities. Public transportation is rather popular, but many people own personal cars or bicycles. There are many trees to provide shade, and there are many parks and other recreational areas where people can have rest and play some sports games. These areas are clean, in fact it is pleasant to notice them. Parks are usually situated close in order to living areas therefore that people must not spend much period progressing to them.

    There is simply no strict division among homes and company, some of the particular latter being located around the first flooring from the former. Nevertheless, the significant hours associated with such companies perform not exceed six p. m., therefore people living near to them usually do not experience any distractions. The major sorts of stores are usually supermarkets, clothes stores, and pharmacies. The particular most popular companies are worried about travel and leisure and traveling.

    Billboards along with other press most frequently promote the services associated with travel agencies, legislation firms, property product sales and rent, plus healthcare facilities. Furthermore, some billboards are usually informing about the particular upcoming events in the community. From one of them, I found out about a popular neighborhood hangout — Wynwood Arts District, which is also advertised on the Internet (Aguiar, 2017). When I visited that place in the evening, I realized that it was indeed rather popular with the citizens and tourists.

    A particular place in the survey belongs to churches and healthcare services. I could see several religious institutions, including Catholic, Orthodox, Presbyterian, and some other ones. What concerns healthcare facilities, they are present in sufficient quantity. There are many dentist’s offices, recreation and social centers, and hospitals. There are several centers for young patients in the aggregate, such as Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and Holtz Children’s Hospital. Healthcare institutions for adult patients are well-represented, as well, including such centers as South Miami Hospital, Mercy Hospital, and others. The majority of the facilities that I saw had emergency care units with ambulances standing at their exits.


    The aggregate community windshield survey allowed observing people and places in Miami in natural circumstances, which excluded artificial behaviors and showed the real state of things. The community is clean and tidy, with many facilities aimed at making people’s lives more convenient and safe. There are different options of transportation and healthcare, as well as religious centers. From the observations made during the survey, it is possible to conclude that people living in Miami have many opportunities for developing their interests and are granted options for taking care of their spiritual and health needs. The project was rather useful in terms of professional development.


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