Youth Violence And Gang Culture In Georgia

Youth Violence and Gang Culture in Georgia

  • Introduction

    Young people are expected to be the “future” of the modern world’s science, economics, politics, and often the society requires drastic changes in different fields of life. However, sometimes adolescents may not be as reliable as they should be in the eyes of society due to youth violence, which is the main reason for 43% of worldwide homicides (World Health Organization, 2015). The causes of youth violence vary from individual features regarding character and personality to social cases such as toxic relationships with families and peers. Moreover, youth violence results in the creation of street gangs and separate gang culture, which affects society in general. Although problems with youth violence and gang culture remain crucial for all the countries around the world, this paper concentrates on the causes of violence-related events in Georgia and analyzes them.

    Individual Causes of Youth Violence in Georgia

    Personal character traits such as natural impulsiveness, hyperactivity, or restlessness can be the cause of violence at an early age. Such behavioral patterns prove adolescents’ genetic predispositions to future violent behavior with peers or school authorities, which can result in crimes or being engaged in gang culture (World Health Organization, 2015). It is often believed that teenagers, who quickly lose their temper, have huge issues with self-control and restraining their emotions (World Health Organization, 2015). By joining gangs and accepting their culture, a youth tries to find like-minded people, who can understand the peculiarities of their character and emotional pattern.

    The socioeconomic status of a young individual may also be the cause of youth violence because poverty and financial problems can provoke a lack of confidence among peers and lead to uncontrollable aggression (World Health Organization, 2015). It is a widely-known fact that young people tend to compare themselves with other individuals and make parallels among one’s own accomplishments, family wealth, or even parents’ employment. In addition, economic inequality will be often linked in order to homicide within family members or friend sectors, which happens credited to jealousy plus personal inability to improve some aspects associated with their lives (David-Ferdon & Simon, 2014). Consequently , these people try to get help in gangs because of to the local community feeling and the particular insufficient sense associated with owned by a specific social group.

    However, not just envy or low self-esteem compose individual instances of youth assault. Low intelligence will be directly related to teen delinquency since these types of individuals may possess failed in knowing basic standards associated with adequate behavior (World Health Organization, 2015). Due to inadequate knowledge, young people consider abnormal activities acceptable and are not able to change their sights. In order in order to disregard their poor educational performance or reduced intelligence, youth sign up for gangs who, generally, have a comparable degree of knowledge plus skills, which can make them feel great regarding themselves (World Wellness Organization, 2015). Because a result, numerous violent situations occur, which could sometimes guide to dreadful effects such as dying or serious psychological or physical accidental injuries.

    Relationship Leads to of Youth Assault in Georgia

    It is often stated that family will be probably the most influential energy which molds teenagers’ character and evolves their outlooks. In case a boy or girl experiences maltreatment within their childhood, like as physical or even mental abuse, or even feels neglected, these people are likely in order to lose faith within supportive relationships (World Health Organization, 2015). They have increased risks of getting antisocial and show aggression towards some other people without the particular reason, led by only their own anger and worry (David-Ferdon & Claire, 2014). Some teens show their violence simply because they endeavor in order to protect themselves towards hazardous exterior aspects such as risks or abuse through peers. However, their own aggressive self-protection frequently results in chaotic events and becoming a member of dangerous communities such as gangs where teens find support, knowing, along with a fake assurance of safety.

    Although family associations are one of the most substantial relationships in adolescents’ lives, relationships along with peers and the feeling of belonging are usually more crucial within forming their personas. Peer pressure is really a natural widespread trend that affects the particular lifestyles of the particular youth and occasionally dictates particular behavior patterns (World Wellness Organization, 2015). The essential issue with expert circles is associated with drug and alcoholic beverages addiction, and exactly how children expose one another in order to these harmful ingredients. As an outcome, many young adults obtain involved in drug-dealing in gangs plus have to deal with this individually simply because they are not able to share these details actually with their nearest family members. For example, the police had to “charge 48 members of the Gangster Disciples gang in Georgia and Tennessee…for drug trafficking and extortion” (Saul, 2016, para. 8). Therefore , it becomes clear that gangs intentionally force young people to participate in the long chain of the drug business.

    Causes Analysis

    Since there is a wide range of factors that affect the personalities of young individuals, it is challenging to claim what causes are the most influential explicitly. Despite the fact that the unique features of a personality can alter the character and behavior tremendously, social behavior depends on relationship causes. It is known that adolescents are inclined to contradictions and personal conflicts when they mentally fight with themselves trying to find an answer to the issues which bother them (David-Ferdon & Simon, 2014). Due to this fact, teenagers are liable to social influence such as that coming from local communities and family, which can easily lead them to make wrong choices in life. Since relationships remain crucial for young people, the attitude which adolescents get from their peers and family develops specific habits plus behavioral patterns. Therefore, the relationship leads to tend to be more severe because of to the significance of connections for young adults.

    Interventions with regard to Prevention

    The issue of youth assault requires immediate counteractions and solutions prior to the situation becomes even worse and leads in order to fatal consequences. Nevertheless, interventions should protect multiple facets of younger people’s lives, the “multifaceted prevention strategy is needed in order to reduce risk aspects and also to enhance protecting factors at the particular individual, relationship, plus community levels” (Matjasko, Massetti, & Sausage, 2016, p. 111). For example, because lack of assistance from parents frequently results in youth assault, there exists a need in order to prevent violent activities among teenagers mainly because early as feasible. Specific resources ought to be used, which usually provide interactive info with practical circumstances review and recommend possible ways associated with actions in conditions of the mental state of children and the individual functions. Parents should usually use these sources regardless of the particular stage of their own child’s development plus demonstrating personal issue indicates that children are not by yourself, and they perform not need clique to support all of them.

    The almost all meaningful interventions which usually prevent youth assault and guarantee extensive effects are evidence-based approaches. They indicate peculiar knowledge regarding ethnicity, race, tradition, discipline, psychology, or even empirical evidence which usually needs to become considered in evolving youth violence surgery (Massetti, Simon, & Smith, 2016). This is possible in order to remember that these methods ought to include school-based problems, as well as parenting problems, or friends plus partnership problems and examine the origins of these points.

    There is a wide range of evidence-based interventions, and it is impossible to mention all of them without considering specific aspects, but there are a several main ways in order to develop them. First of all, building young people’s competencies to select non-violent behavior irrespective of the difficulty of the conflict may teach them common self-control. By having a habit of non-violence and safety, it might be possible to provide children practical problem-solving skills and conversation and teach all of them how you can control their own anger. Secondly, keeping positive relationships along with adults in the particular local community may persuade adolescents within their belonging to the particular society and be sure all of them not to hesitate of asking with regard to help (David-Ferdon & Simon, 2014). Shared faith between grownups and youth a genuine two different organizations of people plus helps to prevent disastrous conflicts without having the hassle stranger’s assist like criminal clique. Finally, the security and spaces with regard to further relationships are very important features for the young individual within the community. In case teenagers are conscious of the safety and reliability associated with local authorities, they might rely on these types of people, found simply no need to safeguard themselves by intense behavior or chaotic actions.


    To sum up, the problem of youth violence and the appearance of criminal gangs is significant not only for Georgia but also for other states and countries. Such cases as parental maltreatment, lack of support, peer pressure, school abuse, and bullying, or personal aggression towards people may result in violent behavior and the inability to live in a community. In order to provide solutions for the problem of youth violence, people need to elaborate a range of evidence-based interventions to prevent youth violence when the pup is still young of teenagers. Furthermore, adults should show adolescents the significance of non-violent conduct and give all of them a sense associated with confidence and safety in society.


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