Piaget’s Vs Vygotsky’s Cognitive Development Theories

Piaget’s vs. Vygotsky’s Cognitive Development Ideas Subjective Several theories explain the process of cognitive development through childhood to adult life. However, the Piaget and Vygotsky’s ideas are the 2 main works that will have dominated this particular field. The ideas have formed the framework that contemporary research around the subject is based while scholars seek […]

Personal Philosophy Of Adult

Personal Philosophy associated with Adult-Gerontology Care Specialist Advancements and innovations in public health practice helped to increase longevity, but the aging population tends to live longer with various chronic and acute health problems (Davitt, Madigan, Rantz, & Skemp, 2016). In the context of Adult-Gerontology Acute Care settings, nurse practitioners are responsible for the provision of […]

People With Addiction And Substance Use Disorder

People with Addiction and Substance Use Disorder Questions and Answers How has this presentation influenced the care you will provide to this population? Why? Adult patients with opioid addiction need special care and regular monitoring by a professional healthcare provider. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (2016), more than 435, 000 young and […]

Pediatric And Adult Immunization

Pediatric and Adult Immunization Immunization can be discussed as one of the most efficient prevention methods to improve the health status of pediatric and adult populations (Kao, Schneyer, & Bocchini, 2014). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide different types of immunization schedules oriented to increasing the public’s awareness and rising immunization rates […]

Patients Post Cardiac Arrest Syndrome Theory Of Comfort

Patients Post Stroke Syndrome: Theory regarding Comfort Abstract This paper is targeted on Kolcaba’s principle of comfort in addition to practice. Its goal is to consider just how it might be applied inside practice whenever using sufferers who have typically the post-cardiac arrest problem. The paper is usually based on several articles that go over […]

Oncology Patients’ Hospital Readmission Prevention

Oncology Patients’ Hospital Readmission Prevention Introduction The project is focused on finding pre-discharge and post-discharge techniques that can help reduce hospital readmissions of adult oncology patients. One of the best potential solutions belongs to Merkow et al. (2015), who suggest that the major evidence-based way to decrease the readmission rate is scheduling follow-up visits for […]

Older Adults’ Fall Descriptions And Health

Older Adults’ Tumble Descriptions and Well being The particular proposed potential analysis topic is centered within the exploration regarding techniques and procedures of addressing quotes of falls among the list of older adult sufferers in the severe care units. This specific problem is among the persisting issues in health care, and it likewise serves as […]

Older Adult Falls Prevention Teaching Experience

Older Adult Drops Prevention: Teaching Encounter Overview of Teaching Strategy Epidemiological Explanation for Topic Evaluation of Training Experience Local community Response to Training Areas associated with Strengths and Places of Enhancement References Overview of Teaching Strategy The teaching plan with regard to this assignment has been depending on one associated with the most crucial issues […]

Obesity, Diet Modification And Physical Exercises

Obesity, Diet Modification and Physical Exercises The Connection of PICOT Question, Research Articles, and Nursing Practice Problem Lifestyle interventions are among the components of overweight or obesity therapy. Adult populations can find these interventions complicated or unnecessary because adults accept changes less eagerly. Nevertheless, changes in diet and activity are possible interventions to deal with […]

Obesity In Miami As A Policy

Obesity in Arkansas as a Policy-Priority Concern Launch In Miami, weight problems continually affect the particular health outcomes regarding many adults. Likewise, adulthood obesity remains to be a critical well being issue in California. Statistics show that lots of adults in Arkansas have obesity. The particular adult obesity level in the state exceeded the thirty-five […]