Falls Prevention In The Elderly And Risk Assessment Tools

Falls Prevention in the Elderly and Risk Assessment Tools Due to the fact that the risk of falls among elderly patients in emergency departments is high enough, it is necessary to find a way to reduce the number of victims. As a potential solution, the use of appropriate tools can be considered as a technique […]

Ethical Dilemma Of Circumcision Nurse’s Role

Ethical Dilemma of Circumcision: Nurse’s Role The Nature of the Issue People’s Opinions Nurses’ Roles References The Nature of the Issue Male circumcision (MC) is a highly debated topic among medical professionals, religious people, and human rights activists. Currently, the decision to agree to this procedure does not belong to children in many countries, while […]

Emotional Intelligence 2 0 By Bradberry & Greaves

Emotional Intelligence 2. zero by Bradberry & Greaves Today, at work, labor productivity, profession success, and actually the healthiness of employees really and also to a higher extent rely on the particular level of psychological intelligence (EQ). Even though it was once considered that IQ (intelligence quotient) was mainly relevant with this framework, i. e., […]


E-Tendering in the Telecoms Sector of the particular Public Service Literature Review The telecommunication sector went via a massive change over the final two decades. Based on Chadli et ing. (2016), emerging systems have redefined the way in which individuals communicate. The fresh media which is mainly based on technology has become main with the […]

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E-Prescribing Drug Technology in the Healthcare Technology Description Patient Benefits and Safety Resistance to Change Communicating and Implementing Change Measuring Impact Conclusion References Drug prescriptions are one of the most complex healthcare delivery aspects, vital for the treatment process, and require significant resources to ensure safety. E-prescribing technology is a digital prescription system that helps […]

Defining Professional Nursing Personal Nursing Philosophy

Defining Professional Nursing: Individual Nursing Philosophy Introduction The current change in health treatment towards patient-centered evidence-based practice influences almost all the professionals within the sphere, along with nurses not becoming very. In modern circumstances, it will be pivotal for all your healthcare professionals to elaborate their own personal nursing viewpoint to reference this every time […]

Corporate Tax Reduction

Corporate Tax Reduction The state, being the most crucial participant in business relations, performs the particular functions of not just a regulator of company, legal, and monetary relations but furthermore the independent gamer within the financial marketplace. The existence of state rules allows not just to clarify plus regulate the working of the business sector […]

Conflict Handling In The Healthcare Environment

Conflict Handling in the Healthcare Environment Introduction Change and Conflict Theories A Leader as a Change Agent and Effective Leadership Conclusion References Introduction Conflicts are common in any context as they involve various attitudes, behaviors, and events. Specifically to nursing, a conflict may occur in response to change or the process of the transformation of […]

Childhood Obesity Research Critiques

Childhood Obesity Research Critiques Introduction Main body Conclusion References Introduction Childhood obesity is a prevalent health issue in developed countries defined as the excess of body fat and creates a high risk for the general population to develop a range of adverse problems and co-morbidities as demographics evolve. Numerous efforts have been made to address […]

Change Resistance And Nurse Leaders’ Strategies

Change Resistance and Nurse Leaders’ Strategies Introduction The modern healthcare sector is influenced by various factors and processes that will challenge organizations in order to adapt. Thus, included in their work, health professional leaders are needed to implement plus facilitate organizational modifications. Resistance to modify is among the particular key barriers that will affect change […]