Virginia Henderson’s Need Theory In Nursing

Virginia Henderson’s Need Concept in Nursing Introduction Virginia Henderson’s Need Theory The Relevance from the Model Conclusion References Introduction The use of medical theories in the particular clinical nursing atmosphere varies significantly based on the framework. Nevertheless , all this kind of theories are focused at achieving higher levels of take care of patients regardless […]

The Sexual Bonds Of Racial Stardom

The Sexual Bonds associated with Racial Stardom The notorious Hollywood device has been implementing blind approaches towards the portrayal associated with racial stereotypes plus the enhancement associated with sexualization and objectification in movies. The particular problem of symbolizing women of colour and female figures in movies, within general, is not solved fully because the conceiving […]

The Role Of Advanced Nursing Practice

The Role of Advanced Nursing Practice Distinguishing the Role and Promotion of Patient Outcomes Applying the Advanced Nursing Practice Concept Questions for the Interview Conclusion References Advanced nursing practice roles are associated with a variety of tasks completed by nurses on a daily basis, involving their leadership skills. Family nurse practitioners (FNPs) are advanced practice […]

The Relationship Between The Environment And Humans

The Relationship Between the particular Environment and Humans Concept of Environmental Health Environmental Factors that Impact Health My Role in Eliminating Environmental Barriers to Health Conclusion References The relationship between the environment and humans is a symbiotic one – people impact their surroundings, and they influence people. It is not an exaggeration to say that […]

The Concept Of Transitions Of Care

The Concept of Changes of Care Clinical Medical Practice Problem Clinical Nursing PICOT Question Define PICOT Elements Evidence Retrieval Procedure and Summary Implications from the Evidence References Clinical Medical Practice Problem A fragmented health treatment system requires a good increase in continuity of care throughout healthcare levels. Treatment transition is regarded as as the expansion […]

The Concept Of Orem’s Theory Of Self

The Concept of Orem’s Theory of Self-Care Deficit Meaning Origins of the Theory Usefulness Testability Overall Evaluation References Meaning The main idea behind Orem’s theory is that the vast majority of the patients desire to be able to care for oneself and the individual members of one’s family. Some of the major assumptions behind the […]

The Concept Of Hildegard Peplau’s Nursing Care Model

The Concept of Hildegard Peplau’s Nursing Care Model Introduction The work in a healthcare setting requires much educational and professional preparation, presupposes the possession of specific skills, and is rather demanding yet rewarding. In order to make the professional care about patients easier for nurses, several nursing care models have been identified and explained by […]

Suicide As A Major Mental Health Challenge

Suicide as a Main Mental Health Challenge Nurses should make use of their competencies plus philosophies to offer evidence-based and timely medical services to their patients. Those working in the field of the mental field should be aware of the problem of suicide and address it effectively. The purpose statement for this discussion is that […]

Relationship Between Stress And Nicotine Intake In Middle Age Adults

Relationship Between Stress and Nicotine Intake in Middle Age Adults Historical Overview of Theory Contemporary Review of Theory Context for Study References Historical Overview of Theory The study of the relationship between stress and nicotine required broad investigation to reveal the effects of smoking on mental health. Scholars have been observing and discovering facts that […]

Racial Stratification

Racial Stratification Wealth plus Racial Stratification within the United States The main implication associated with racial stratification is it is an inseparable section of the culture in the particular United States. Because DiAngelo explains in the article “White Frailty, ” as the white person that spends years analyzing the race concept, the author proves that […]