Sun Coast Remediation Research Methodology, Design, And Methods

Sun Coast Remediation: Research Methodology, Design, and Methods Introduction Research Methodology Research Design Research Methods Data Collection Methods Sampling Design Data Analysis Procedures References Introduction Before making any decisions regarding the promotion of occupational health and the reduction of dust and particulate matter exposure, Sun Coast should evaluate the current situation. To do so, it […]

Sun Coast Remediation Project

Sun Coast Remediation Project Literature Review Particulate Matter and Employee Health Health and Safety Training Sound-Level Exposure Occupational Lead Exposure Measurement and Control References Literature Review A literature review was performed based on quantitative research articles found through the Columbia Southern University Library. Peer-reviewed quantitative papers and reviews published between 2015 and 2020 were included […]

Suicide Prevention In Gerontology Evidence

Suicide Prevention in Gerontology: Evidence-Based Project Evidence-based project: Gerontology plus suicide prevention The interest in gerontology and suicide avoidance programs in gerontologic patients sparked due to the fact the significance of this particular particular area associated with nursing was recognized only throughout the particular last two years. This issue may be characterized because pivotal since […]

Suicide Assessment In Acute Pediatric Settings

Suicide Assessment in Extreme Pediatric Settings Research Literature Research Design Sampling Intervention References Research Literature This section aims in order to analyze the current literature and create an evaluation from the material to react to the main PICO question. In pediatric patients in an acute health care setting (P) does the use of suicide assessment […]

Suicide Assessment By Psychiatric Nurses

Suicide Assessment by Psychiatric Nurses The article is qualitative research, as evidenced by the fact that there is no evidence of statistical data analysis. Indeed, the research is based on suicidal assessments, something that is hard to measure empirically. Its analysis is done in a narrative form or in words, as opposed to the use […]

Suicide As A Major Mental Health Challenge

Suicide as a Main Mental Health Challenge Nurses should make use of their competencies plus philosophies to offer evidence-based and timely medical services to their patients. Those working in the field of the mental field should be aware of the problem of suicide and address it effectively. The purpose statement for this discussion is that […]

Sugary Drink Tax As A Public Health Policy

Sugary Drink Tax as a Public Health Policy Making the Case for the Policy Possible Arguments Against the Policy Getting Buy-In and Involved Groups Conclusion References Many groups and individuals are involved in the process of policymaking, and various methods to develop and implement policies exist. Researchers have come up with several models of policymaking […]

Suburban Population In Miami Community Settings And Community Health Nursing Roles

Suburban Population in Ohio: Community Settings plus Community Health Medical Roles Introduction Community Setting Health Promotion Medical Intervention Professional Medical Organization Summary References Introduction Each community is within need of well-trained nurses who might assist in advertising health, predicting diseases, and improving the quality of life. The role of a forensic nurse is crucial for […]

Substance Use Disorders Among Registered Nurses

Substance Use Disorders Among Registered Nurses Introduction Current Relevance Risk Factors Effect on Clinical Practice Using Information in Clinical Setting Lobbying Conclusion References Introduction Impaired nursing practice occurs when a nurse cannot provide adequate patient care due to being under the influence of chemical substances, such as drugs or alcohol (Thew, 2017). Impaired practice is […]

Strategic Importance Of Forecasting

Strategic Importance of Forecasting Introduction Forecasting refers to the method of being able to predict what is going to happen in the future, and in business, the future is narrowly defined by the existing economic conditions. When organizations want to develop a forecast associated with their immediate performance, they collect data on previous experiences and […]